Wednesday, September 19, 2007


The google thing has resolved itself somehow. Websites tend to see our location and automatically make everything in German (I guess it's the biggest country in Western Europe, so that's the default?). Oh well, it's all better now.

I took the car this morning to run some errands, and it was low on gas. Zach normally drives the car more than I do, so it's always worked out that he's been the one to fill up the gas tank... meaning I have yet to ever fill up our car since we moved here. I was kinda nervous about it, to be honest. I took several minutes to make sure I knew which was the diesel and which was the regular gas, confirmed that I could just pay afterwards (no credit card slot on the pump), and then pumped away... and was astonished as I watched the price go from semi-reasonable to astronomic. To all you Americans whining about gas prices, chew on this-- it cost me about $60 (yes, dollars, it was about 75chf) to fill up my little 10-gallon honda civic. I am normally not one to complain about gas prices, I don't mind encouraging people not to drive, and public transit here means we don't drive that much anyway, etc. But for a few moments there, I was just like "Um... holy crap!" Makes you think twice about those trips out to Ikea.

I gotta pack... we leave for the beach tomorrow! Woot! I am excited. =) This will also be my first time to fly EasyJet. Zach flew them a couple weeks ago, said it was basically like Southwest airlines... only the planes were kinda older and crappier. I guess we'll see?


  1. How's the pregnant life treating you?! I'm not surprised that you've been reading up on the first half of the first plane ... and I'm SO relieved to hear from a fellow Montessorian that you didn't buy the early weaning thing, either. And I totally know what you mean about our course! I'm a total klutz! I think my knees are permanently bruised from bumping into those child-sized tables!

    I would recommend Tim's book as well, if only for the beautiful pics. There are some ideas in there that you won't find in Montessori from the Start.

    Have a nice beach vacation!

  2. CDNSarah8:16 AM

    yup, that's the price nowaday's! remember that if you choose to pay by credit card (at the pump or kiosk) you need to enter the card's PIN code.



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