Friday, September 21, 2007


So we're here, in Cannes, and it's pretty fabulous. We're using up some of our free nights at the Hilton, and apparently made good time of it, too, since this Hilton will only be a Hilton for another month or so. We're right across the street from the beach, and our room got upgraded so that we have a gorgeous view of it from our room. This means no free breakfast, unfortunately, meaning this morning we paid 14euro each for tea, juice, and some croissants, but we won't ponder on that... nor the fact that the dollar keeps dropping in value compared to the euro... um, yeah.

We were lazy today, spent the afternoon down at the beach. It's sunny and warm, but the breeze makes it so you can lay out in the sun and never get too warm. The water's gorgeous, and so incredibly calm. The Mediterranean really is more like a big lake than an ocean.

However the funnest part of the past few days is that Loki's definitely getting more active, and I can feel him kicking lightly several times a day. On the plane flight over Zach got to feel one of these kicks, a nice strong one. I was glad for that, since often I'll feel him start but by the time I put Zach's hand mon my belly he'll stop. Feeling him move around and kick like this is so cool (and at times feels just a bit creepy). It forces me to really think about him more often, to be aware of his presence, of whether he's awake or sleeping, etc, which is exactly what I was hoping for and looking forward to about this part of pregnancy. He's not just a little baby that I see on the ultrasound screens anymore. Now he's my son, inside my body, moving around and making his presence known, and every time I feel him stirring I'll smile and think to myself (to him), "Hey, there, little guy, what's up?"

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