Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I think the cat's mad at me

This morning Jean-Pierre, the contractor that was in charge of the renovations on our house before we moved in, stopped by to check up on the window latches that were recently put in. He's this super animated fun (Swiss, I'm assuming?) man. I've met him a few times before. He told me that his wife just had a daughter a few weeks ago, so he was very excited about that, and then I told him that I'm pregnant myself, and he gave me a high-five. =)

In the afternoon I met up with some of the girls for a coffee (well, a coffee, tea, and some waters). It was nice to see them again after being away for 2 weeks. One of them unfortunately is about to go back to the US for a couple of months due to a family health issue, so we won't see her for a while, but hopefully I'll be meeting up with the other 2 again soon.

Afterwards I decided to stop in to this big toy store in town. See, when we were up in the mountains on Sunday I spotted this store that had these really cute cow stuffed animals, and I was very temped to buy one for Loki. But, I figured, they're probably more expensive there, at a tourist location, and so I'm better off waiting and looking for something similar here in Geneva. Well, I went to the toy store here and looked at the stuffed animals... and, um, it was ridiculous. I love the animals here b/c the material they're made out of is insanely soft, but $25chf??? For a small little cow??? Right. I'm not sure I can go there. Yet, anyway. Maybe other places will have better deals.

Last night Zach left to go to London for work, and will be there for a few days. It sucks, b/c, well, it always sucks when he's away, but I'm glad for him b/c he'll get to spend a day in London and see our friend Jennie who's living there currently. However, I think Sierra may be blaming me for "daddy"s sudden disappearance. She's been all over me this week, curling up and sleeping with me when I'm reading or in bed at night, every chance she could. Then, last night (once he was gone)? She spent the entire night sleeping on a chair across the room, and has been avoiding me all day. Don't know what her deal is.

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  1. Our cats pout too. When I give them medicine, if it rains, when hubby is gone, etc. Just wait until your little one comes along- kids expect mommy to fix everything too!



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