Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Google Reader Language help?

Ok, fellow expats (and anyone who's tech/internet-savvy), I need some help. All of a sudden this morning Google Reader decided to go German on me (Gmail and blogger are still both in English). How do I change the language setting back to English on Google Reader? Thank you!

I had my first yoga class today. It went well enough, was pretty low-key and a bit on the short side (50 minutes total). Not bad. I'll probably order this yoga DVD for using at home, since this class is only once a week (I've tried looking for prenatal yoga DVDs to buy here, but have yet to find a place that sells any type of exercise DVDs, and amazon.com will ship this one out directly for $6).

After class I ventured out to the public hospital. I'd tried calling the contact person that was given to me yesterday over the phone, but her extension kept ringing with no answer. The hospital was just a short tram ride away, so I took my chances, and found out that she's actually on holiday till Monday. Since I was already kind of near the Carouge shopping center I headed over there to do some baby price comparisons at a big baby store located there (partially to kill time till my bus's next run), then came home. I probably should have taken a nap when I got here, as now I'm utterly exhausted-- my lower back and legs are also feeling tired and achy, possibly from all the walking I did today (I thought the yoga was supposed to help this?).

Tomorrow I need to get a haircut, pack for our trip, and do some stuff around the house to get ready for being gone for 4 days. If I'm feeling up for it I might also try to call one of the other hospitals on my list and go check it out, but I might play that by ear. I can always take care of it next week, if needed.

In a baby update, yesterday at the ultrasound appointment the lady told us that Loki's measuring about 20cm in length (from the top of his head to his bum), and weighs I think around 300-something grams. I looked up the average numbers for a 19-week-old fetus, and they're closer to 15 or 16cm. I think we might have a big baby. I might be in trouble. I was hoping he'd take after myself and my siblings (we were all between 6 and 7lbs at birth), but instead he might be emulating his daddy (8+lbs). I will say, I wouldn't mind having a Zach-like baby as long as I get to have a labor like his mom did, as well-- she popped him out in about 11 hrs (Andrew, apparently was out after 3-4hrs!). I've always been told I have "good birthing hips." I'm gonna be pissed if they don't do their part now... ; )

PS- Feliz Dia de Independencia, Chile! =)


  1. Anonymous9:08 PM

    "on holiday" Tee-hee! You're even talking European now... :P

    I told you not to call him Loki... see what he's up to now?

  2. melanienyc12:09 AM

    Must be so stressful figuring all of this out on your own. Have you read this thread on the english forum? There forums are much more useful for information than GOL.


  3. hi

    regarding Google Reader, the new translation service launched last night seems to be affecting quite a bit and probably it's just a temporary bug. Your IP is determining which language to display.

    (from google forum) try this to overwrite it

    1. Check the URL in your address bar for Google Reader. Instead of
    being on www.google.com, you may be on www.google.fr (for France), or
    www.google.co.kr (for Korea), etc. Make a note of which domain you
    2. Go to www.google.XXX/preferences with "XXX" replaced by whichever
    domain you saw in step 1.
    3. Select your desired language from the drop-down menu near the top
    of that page.
    4. Save your preferences using the button in the upper right corner.
    5. Go back to Google Reader at www.google.XXX/reader/view/ and you
    should have the correct language (as long as its one we support -- see
    the list below). If you don't see a difference right away, force-
    refresh the page by holding down the "Shift" key while clicking

    if it does not work for you, they are requesting people to let know at the oficial forum thread here http://groups.google.com/group/google-reader-howdoi/browse_thread/thread/c8012fbb30d62149/d22213a70b7002d7#d22213a70b7002d7
    it helps debugging ;)



  4. Melanie-- Thanks so much for that link! That thread had lots of good info on it.



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