Saturday, September 29, 2007


Zach arrived back home this morning. I was still in bed when he got here from the airport, so he came and joined me and the 2 of us and Sierra snuggled in bed for a while. Eventually we got up and did some grocery shopping nearby, which originally was going to be fairly minimal (fruit, eggs) and of course wound up buying a good bit more than that... but it's ok b/c now Zach's making some yummy fish and veggies for dinner thanks to that. =)


After shopping we went on a walk and had a pretty interesting discussion about health care in the US. It's something everyone is talking about, and I definitely agree that something seems to be broken in the way the US does health care and how insurance companies work in general. However something that no one ever brings up is the idea that perhaps heath care costs are so high in the US because people are unhealthy. And treating unhealthy people costs more money. As Zach said, you make cities so you have to drive everywhere, create and market games that allow you to sit on your butt all day, and put fast food drive-thrus everywhere (and make everyone work so much they don't have time for proper cooking), and then you're surprised when people get fat and have health problems?


So earlier today I was eating a salad and managed to spill half of it on the ground when I was trying to grab a carrot with my fork, and then just a minute ago I hit Zach's mug as I was moving some stuff on he table and spilled some if his tea. Now he's laughing at me and what I'm terming my pregnancy-induced clumsiness. I'm sure it'll get better as I get bigger, right? You know, when I'm actually bumping stuff with my belly as opposed to just my hands? Yeah.

And now, in honor of Sierra who's just ecstatic to have daddy be back home:


  1. VERY good point on the health care issue. The food we eat (and the crap we put in it), along with the high levels of stress (and no vacation time) and low levels of exercise are not really a good combination. We generate health problems - but that's good for business, so we keep it.

  2. i agree with you about unhealthy americans and healthcare! My hubby and i have spoken about this often! If ppl choose to not exercise , eat fast food and smoke, why should they get the same healthcare as the one who takes care of their bodies! But on the same note, we, USA , need to do something to improve our healthcare! I just watched an episode on that subject on Oprah!



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