Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Weighing decisions

While in Cannes I suspected that I might be going through another little growth spurt, as I seemed to have done in the US, since my appetite had definitely gone up for a few days and my belly seemed to have grown, too. I weighed myself this morning, and yup, I gained another 3lbs since 2 weeks ago, for a grand total of 10lbs so far this pregnancy. On the one hand, a 10lb weight gain is about spot-on for being 20 weeks along. On the other, I gained those 10lbs just in the past 5 weeks... which is quite quickly. I'm not too worried yet, as my main concern is trying to make sure I eat well, balancing food groups, etc. Though my sweet tooth does have a way of rearing up at times, and perhaps we'll have to tame that a bit. Otherwise I might end up with a baby demanding chocolate as soon as he comes out.

In November Zach will be going to San Diego for a conference for work, and then probably spending a week in the bay area as well catching up with his other coworkers. Feeling bad about possibly leaving me alone for about 2 weeks, he suggested that maybe I could go back with him for at least part of the time. We'd have to see first if we could use air miles for it, since we probably couldn't afford to pay for the ticket outright, but even then I'm still kinda going back and forth on it. It'd be great to go back to the states again, get to see all our friends in California, and get to do some more shopping for baby stuff in person (as opposed to online, and having others bring it with them). But part of me would feel bad about flying to CA, partially to be with Zach, and not going to Texas to see family, as well... which I guess I could do, it just would complicate plans very quickly. Mostly, though, I'm kinda dreading that flight. Especially since by then I'll be about 6-7 months pregnant. Assuming that no health complications arise between then and now it'd be totally safe for me to fly, but if I weren't able to get a bulkhead seat it would just be a nightmare when I'm getting that big (and I kinda have a feeling I'm gonna have a pretty big belly). So, yeah, don't really know what to do yet.


  1. tough decision, indeed. those kinds of matters can be so difficult!

  2. Anonymous7:20 PM

    I think your Texas kinfolk will understand if you spend your time in California, with your husband. You're already traveling far enough to make it to this hemisphere, you don't want to spend more time on a plane.

    Both options (staying and going) have drawbacks - do you stay alone for two weeks (not fun even when you're NOT 6-7 months pregnant), or do you subject yourself to the insanely long flight? Hmm.

    Do the airlines not make any accomodations for pregnant women (such as seat choice)? It seems a third-trimester pregnancy should entitle you to special considerations. Can you call the airline and ask?

  3. melanienyc3:38 AM

    Hello Marcy =)
    Can you check your Glocals account I sent you an invite to something this last week and you haven't logged in...just incase you want to go it is today. I invited Jessica fron insearchofdesert also



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