Thursday, September 06, 2007

My Pregnancy and Parenting Library

  1. The Complete Organic Pregnancy-- I'm not following the vast majority of the advice in this book, but it was interesting to read nonetheless, and it does inspire me to make changes like choosing organic foods when possible, and making an effort to find BPA-free baby bottles. However, I'm just not ready to toss my chemical-laced cosmetic products... sorry.
  2. The Mother of All Pregnancy Books-- Loved this book, and the fluid style of writing. It also has a chapter at the beginning on preparing for pregnancy, and was what introduced me to the idea of charting to figure out what's actually going on during your cycle. It's amazing to me how little most of us know about when you're fertile and when you're not.
  3. What To Expect When You're Expecting-- This book catches a lot of flack for being too overdramatic and causing panic attacks in many moms-to-be, but I didn't find it that bad. I like how it's divided up by months (a nice contrast to use along with the Mother book).
  4. Montessori From The Start-- A guide to constructing a Montessori environment in your home for your child (ages 0-3). Love a lot of the ideas.
  5. How To Talk So Your Kids Will Listen...-- My sister just gave me her copy of this book. I'm familiar with the concepts, the teachers at the Montessori school based their parenting seminars on it, but reading it with all the extra detail is really cool. And, well, it just makes sense.
  6. Baby Bargains-- I feel kind of overwhelmed when I think of all the baby stuff we have to buy. I'm hoping this will be a good guide for that.
(there's a few more-- I told you I did lots of shopping on our trip!-- but I don't remember the titles and they're upstrairs and I don't want to go get them right now)

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