Saturday, September 08, 2007

A Thanks, Fondue, and some Ice

Hey guys, thanks so much for all your comments to my last post. I still have lots of homework to do to figure all this out, but I feel like I understand what's going on a bit better and have some leads for resources to help me out. I really appreciate the advice and help. =)

On Thursday we got our most recent batch of visitors-- Barbara, a college friend of Zach's, and her boyfriend Dion. They've been trekking all over Egypt and then Paris, and finally stopping by here before heading back to Texas to their regular lives. Thursday we just hung around Geneva a bit, Zach had the day off since it was a local holiday, and we took a mini walking tour of the city and had lunch at Mamounia (I think?) a couscous place I've eaten at once before that gives you insane amounts of food. Yesterday was a pretty relaxed day, Barbara and Dion got to check email and wash clothes and walk around our village, while I dealt with insurance stuff and tried to research various baby-related things. Our visitors had a hankering for fondue, so we headed into town for dinner at a place that promised to be cheesy, but with good, authentic fondues. Dinner was good, Zach and Dion got a cheese fondue that wasn't quite as smelly as they tend to be, I had a filet de perche which, while the accompanying veggies were great, the fish itself was bland and greasy. Oh well. The ice cream for dessert was divine. And it was fun to watch Zach and Barbara get into an animated discussion about Texas football (she's an even bigger fan than he is), something he hasn't been able to really do in a while. It's also been fun for me to hear Zach slip into a bit more of a southern drawl, since Dion has one and it seems to be catching on a bit. ; )

This morning we headed out to Mont Blanc and the Mer de Glace, the largest glacier in France. The glacier was ok, though kinda deceiving to the eye b/c it's covered in dirt so it's hard to see the ice from above. But then we got to go inside, into a cave of ice, and that was really cool. Pictures to come soon. This thing moves at a rate of 1cm per hour... isn't that crazy? I got a postcard to send to the school... I bet the kids will love it, especially being so familiar themselves with Yosemite (itself, a glacier-carved valley).

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  1. Anonymous2:55 PM

    Aww... still thinking about your little kids... :)

    Switzerland sure does have quite a bit of "national holidays," by the way.



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