Thursday, August 30, 2007

Warning: Body Under Construction, Next 5 Months

It's awesome and kind of freaky to watch your body changing and grow with pregnancy. I think I'm right at the cusp where my belly is looking more like a pregnant belly, less like I just had a big lunch. It's really fun to walk past store windows and look at my reflection and see my belly sticking out. Yes, I look bigger, but I like this new shape. It helps this pregnancy seem more real, less like we're "playing pretend" (which again is both awesome and very cool, and also kinda scary).

My boobs have grown. I went bra shopping yesterday, and I seem to have gone from a 34B to a 36C. Holy crap! That was also a bit of a trip, looking at myself in the mirrors at Victoria's Secret looking fuller in a couple different ways.

The blue veins on my boobs I was expecting-- all the pregnancy books mention it, as part of your body preparing itself for making breastmilk. What I wasn't expecting were the blue veins that have shown up around the sides and bottom of my abdomen.

I think my fingers are also starting to swell a bit. In the past couple days I've noticed that at times my rings are harder to take off.

I'm still waiting to feel baby move. I'm at about 17 weeks, which is on the early side of when first-time mommies usually feel those first flutterings. I'll try to pay attention to my lower belly when I lie down to sleep at night. Haven't noticed anything definitive yet... we'll see. I'm really looking forward to feeling those movements. So far, as excited as I am about this little baby and becoming parents, in a way I don't feel very physically connected to baby yet. I mean, I know he's there, and it's absolutely incredible to see him in the ultrasounds, but when I think of this (now 5in long!) creature living and moving and growing in my belly, I just can't picture it. But when I can feel him move... then I'll know he's there. I don't know, it's hard to explain and I don't think I'm doing a good job. I'm hoping you other mommies out there understand what I mean.


  1. I'm not a mommy but I know what you mean. You explained it very well.
    One of these nights you'll have Sierra sitting next to your belly, and Loki's going to kick her. Then you'll feel him. And Sierra's going to go lie down next to Zach.

  2. I felt my first movement at 18 weeks. It was like a quick, pulsating knocking, and I thought, "WTF was that?!" then "Ohhhh!" Of course, then I didn't feel anything again for a few days. Here's hoping your little guy makes himself known soon (but don't worry if he doesn't--some friends didn't feel anything till 22 weeks; just means you have a firm tummy!).

  3. I just remembered an odd, random thing - the other teachers at school were constantly talking about babies and such (because their lives encompassed little else), and one of them said one time that she didn't get stretch marks when she was pregnant because she put lotion on her stomach all the time. She said she did get stretch marks on her thighs, because she didn't think to moisturize there. So, make sure you slather on lotion everywhere.

    They didn't say anything about blue veins, though. Can't help you there.

  4. First movement I felt about 16 weeks felt somewhat akin to gas bubbles in my tummy. Then it started getting a bit freaky feeling, when little feet started pushing out.



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