Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Baby Shopping

I've been doing a LOT of shopping the past 2 days. Mostly baby shopping, though I've found some maternity stuff, too. Unfortunately the stores I was counting on (Target, Old Navy, Gap) have teeny tiny maternity sections, so selection iun-store ain't great. I'll have to try to find maternity stores in Austin, like Motherhood, to do some shopping with more variety and options.

For baby clothes, though... I totally scorted. =P I found a Carter's nearby that's been having tis huge sale, with lots of very cute clothes at 50% off. So I now have a crapload of clothes for up to 6 months (and some up to 9 mo.), all for super cheap. Woot! Of cours,e being a first-time mom and all, I have no idea how much I really need. I'll start thinking I have too muhc, and then second-guess myself-- are 10 pairs of pants too many, or will baby mess them up often enough to need to change them often anyway? Etc. Who knows. I guess we'll figure it out eventually. Worst case I end up having to do laundry more often, right? And too many clothes can't possibly be a bad thing... ; )

Tonight Carolyn planned a dinner/kinda baby shower for us. We met up with some local friends and went out to dinner, and we had a very yummy cake and I got a few goodies for baby.

Tomorrow we fly out to Austin. I know the rest of the week and weekend will fly by... trips to Austin always do. I'm psyched to see family and friends, and see Charlie and Joey and the other animals. But now, it is bedtime. 'Night, y'all.


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  2. Anonymous9:23 PM

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