Thursday, August 23, 2007

Back in Austin

Zach and I flew, separately, to Austin yesterday afternoon/evening, and were greeted by various family members who immediately ran up to my bulging belly squealing about how cute it is. =P I seem to have "popped" a bit in the past week or so, and am definitely looking more pregnant. It's fun, but also kinda freaky... I was right in thinking that a bigger belly would make this whole pregnancy-and-baby thing seem more real, and all of a sudden I'm thinking of me getting HUGE and then having a tiny person to contend with, and as exciting as those thoughts are they're also pretty frightening.

I can't remember if I mentioned this already on here, but on monday night we went to see our friends Monika and Andrew and their teeny tiny 1 wk old daughter Audrey, who was a dream... ok, so she fussed from time to time and poor Monika didn't really get to eat much of the pizza we ordered, but still she was very cute and it was amazing to watch her lying there with her eyes looking at everything, her arms constantly moving around, observing and exploring her tiny bit of personal space. It's crazy to think that we're gonna have one of those ourselves soon.

Being back in Austin is fabublous, we stopped by the in-law's house last night to see them and the pets, including Charlie who still looks the same. Ah, our goofy little cat... =) Now we're hanging out here at my mom's, Jen's around, Danyelle will be stopping by in a couple hours to see me. Cristina comes in tonight, too, flying in from Dallas. It's been a while since I've seen everyone (christmas?) and it'll be a while longer before I get another chance to come back here again, so I'm definitely enjoying our time here already.

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  1. I just moved into my dorm and haven't had internet in a few days so I am just now catching up on my fave blogs...This comment is meant for the below post, but I figure I will stick it up here...

    Today in WalMart my mother and I were in the restroom and there was a woman with a 1 month old baby girl who had pooped up to her chest. Her clothes were ruined and the mom was a mess as well, having just realized that she was out of wipes.. My mom and I helped her change the baby (who was a perfect angel. Not even a peep. Just smiley and happy- even laying naked and poop-covered on the changing table at walmart). It was pretty funny and it made me think of all my preggo pals and my new parent pals, so I just thought I would share the story. It was a good one. The mom was really appreciative of our help (we didnt really ask if she needed it- we just kind of interjected..) and we got to have a little baby time, which is always nice.



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