Friday, August 10, 2007

One Week...

One week from today Zach and I will be on a plane headed to California. It will be a whirlwind of a 2-week trip-- a crazy Indian wedding, Zach flying off to the east coast to work, me going to Texas for 5 days, coming back to California and then another wedding before we jet back out here the next day. Shall be interesting. This will be my first time back to the states since we moved nearly 6 months ago, and unfortunately I don't think I'll be able to make it back again before next summer at the earliest, next Christmas otherwise. =( I guess I better make the most of this one, huh?

I'm actually super excited. It will be so great to see our friends, and families... and Charlie. =) To be in that familiar environment again, to get to eat at our favorite places (Zach and I are debating whether we should head straight to the In-N-Out Burger and Krispy Kreme in Palo Alto on our way down from SFO when we arrive, or hold off and go get Mexican). I'm also curious if I'll see things from a different perspective, after having spent this time in Europe. I've been really lucky, in that I've lived in some really great places and have loved them all-- Austin, California, and now Geneva. The downside to that is there's always going to be things that you miss from the places you have left behind.

And now, for a complete change of topic... Sierra's been quiet the active kitty lately. It's very cute. She meows at me to open up the door so she can play outside, then she'll run in and out of the house, freaked out by who-knows-what, playing her little kitty games. I don't think I've posted these yet, so I'll share some pictures of her hanging out on our little yard:


It's fun to watch her hang out outside. I hope wherever we move to next has a good enclosed yard for her, otherwise she's really gonna miss her outside time! =P


  1. I placed your order today! :) I had a little moment of panic when realized, after I bought the plane ticket, that I probably won't be able to fly with all your scrapbooking stuff... but then I realoized I can just make Freddy bring it when he drives down.

  2. would you believe we are from the same area of California! Good luck with your crazy plane travels and well let me tell you, I did miss certain things in the states, but I'd give it all up to be able to live back in Switzerland again!



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