Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Random Pregnancy Musings

I think the nesting instinct has kicked in.

All of a sudden, I'm consumed with thoughts about the nursery, how to set things up, what kinds of things to buy for baby, etc. This might partially be b/c we'll have to make some of these decisions earlier than we might otherwise, considering our Massive Shopping Trip which commences in just a few days. Although we certainly won't be buying all our baby stuff then, I will be wanting to get as much hands-on looking at what our options will be, and then I can order things online to have our parents bring out for baby. Perhaps this is lots of extra work to save a bit of money, but you know the added ease of being able to talk and comprehend store employees when you have questions, and being able to fully understand instructions that come with what you buy, are bonus points not to be dismissed.

One of the things I keep thinking of is wanting to make a peaceful, Montessori-based environment for our little one. Dr Montessori wrote of using a floor bed for infants (literally a firm mattress that's set on the floor) instead of a crib. This mattress could be surrounded by pillows (or I was thinking, some of Zach's old therma-rests, which will also be firm and not have us worried about SIDS risk) in case baby rolls off in his sleep. The idea behind a floor bed instead of a crib, is that the child is not confined in this bed that many see as very much like a cage, and that the child has freedom to move around more, get a better view of his surroundings, and is more likely to sleep soundly and not cry when he wakes up in the middle of the night just b/c he's bored-- he can instead play around a bit, then go back to sleep. It also saves you the worry of the child climbing up on the bars and falling out of the crib, etc. Obviously, the whole idea of having a baby sleeping on the floor takes a bit of getting used to-- as with so many of Montessori's other ideas, it goes completely against the general wisdom of our society as far as how children tend to get treated. However, I kind of like the idea. Yes, you have to make sure the entire room is essentially a playpen for baby, completely childproofed and safe. This idea does worry me a bit. During our stay in California I plan to meet with my former coworkers at the Montessori school, and the 2 head teachers both used floor beds with their children. I'm hoping to pick their brains about it. I know they both really liked using the floor bed instead of a crib.

We also got an IKEA catalogue in the mail yesterday (perfect timing?), and last night when I couldn't sleep in the middle of the night I came downstairs and circled a few items that I think would work great in Loki's room-- a dresser that can work as a changing table with a changing pad added on top, a low shelf for toys. As always, trying to look for items that will work now, and also hopefully for the long-term. I was wondering at first about getting a few more rugs, to help soften up our very pretty but not very soft wood floors, but then again the one rug we bought from IKEA a while ago let off a wierd new-carpet smell for days after we got it, and I just worry about what those fumes did to my brain, let alone what they;d do to our precious baby's. So instead I might just invest in a few extra blankets and use those for baby to hang out on.

Gosh, this really is happening, isn't it? Just a handful of months and there will be a baby in this house.

Yesterday I went through our music and made a playlist of songs that I think could make good lullabies. They say it's good to sing to baby even when they're in utero, and that songs that babies hear in the womb can be soothing to them later on, after they're born. I figure I can play it around the house from now on and sing along, and then use them once Loki's here as well.

Today I plan to go through all my clothes, and pack away what doesn't fit anymore. Like most of my pants. My belly hasn't grown that much yet, but it's enough to make a difference. This way I'll have a better idea of what I have left, and how long those clothes might last me, so I have a better idea of what I have left to work with, and what more I need to buy. Last night I was jolted awake by the thought of "what am I gonna wear on the plane??" I found something at H&M that sort of works like a bella band and I've been using that when I've had to wear jeans the past week or 2, and that could work. Or maybe I'll just wear my stretchy black yoga pants. I keep reading about how pregnant women going on a long flight should wear special support pantyhose to help circulation and prevent blood clots, which we're more susceptible to, and I just keep thinking "Are you friggin kidding me??" I cant imagine wearing such an uncomfortable thing on a 14 hr flight. I'll just get up every hour or so and walk around and try to stretch, thank you very much.

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  1. Anonymous9:00 PM

    Definite nay on the pantyhose. Yoga pants or sweats seem like a perfectly fine idea to me - that's 14 hours! You need to be comfy, not stylish.

    I like the floor mat idea instead of a baby crib... I (obviously) haven't given it much thought, but once you get over "the baby's on the floor!" (which would freak some people out beyond belief), it sounds much smarter than a crib. You can give baby more room, baby can't get limbs caught between the crib bars, and baby can't fall out (roll off, but not FALL out). THe only problem that seems like a real problem to me is that putting the baby on the floor gives the at easy access to baby (then again, Sierra could probably just as easily jump into the crib...) I guess you can close the door to baby's room and use a monitor, that way the cat isn't in there when you're not.

    You can get the round mattress from Ikea, give Loki a really cool 360-degree "crib"!



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