Friday, August 03, 2007

Yay for shopping

I did some shopping recently at for cute maternity-themed shirts, and they came in yesterday! Fit is never quite as good as one would hope, but I still love the designs. I got a regular tank top with an adorable "bun in the oven" design on it, and a maternity t-shirt with a very cute take-off of the whole iPod deal. I also got another maternity tee that simply says "I can grow people." Awesome. =P I think I'll wear the bun tank tomorrow, when we go see Bob and Aruna as our way of telling them. That way the pressure's off me to find the right moment to spring the news. ; )

In other news, I'm almost wanting to get an IV hooked up to my arm. It just seems like I'm constantly thirsty, no matter how much water I chug all day long. I guess it's part of the whole increasing-blood-volume bit (did you know that by 30 weeks I'll have 50% more blood circulating in my body??). Unfortunately part of the problem may also be that I'm kinda getting tired of the taste of our tap water. And I don't buy juice that often from the store b/c, well, liquids are heavy. I guess it doesn't matter as much when we drive to the store, but anytime I have to ride back on the bus you bet I'm getting the lightest stuff possible. And I have yet to find an equivalent to Crystal Light (or any powdered drink stuff) here. Oh well (I say as I get up to refill my glass, again).

However, Loki should be getting to be between 2.5 and 3 inches long right about now, happily swimming and dancing and twirling about inside my uterus, possibly even smiling, frowning, and sucking his/her thumb. =) Pretty amazing, huh?


  1. Anonymous3:41 PM

    I like how they're maternity designs, but they still show you the sizes with the uber-skinny waists and even put the design on a thong for you. Because nothing makes me feel sexier than, as the French say, getting fatter. :P

  2. This website is so cute, we used it for the bachelorette tees we got for a friend of mine a few months ago.

    I think that their stuff is adorable.

  3. I drink tons and I am not pregnant!
    AND I also get tired of plain old water. So I mix it up with Sparkling, or I add Lemon or Lime (fresh squeezed) and here I buy from Trader Joes (you must know the store from the state) 100% juice of either straight Cranberry or one called Triple berry (mix of Boysenberry, Cranberry, and one more berry). It is tart, so I just add a tiny bit to my glass of water. I know it is heavy to carry for you but you won't drink that much of it, so you could get away with buying just one bottle from you local store and add it to your water! It is healthy (antioxidant and cranberry juice (100% always) is good for your urinary tract!)

    You will have to take photos of your news shirts once you wear them!

  4. Sabine, the other problem is every time I go looking at fruit juices, I have a hard time finding ones that are 100% fruit! Oh well. I guess I need to look harder...



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