Monday, August 27, 2007

Fun Times

Ah, finally a calm moment in the craziness of another Austin visit... but that's ok. I love these trips, even when they feel rushed and packed. There's just always so much to do! ; )

Thursday Jen and I went to see The Hudsons play at the 'Loo. Music was awesome as always, and it was great to see the boys and get to catch up with them even if just for a few minutes.

Friday Danyelle and I went to a Ladies of the 80's music sing-along at Alamo Draft House, and it as even more fun than I had imagined. I miss Alamo and their crazy fun events.

Saturday and Sunday consisted of, among other things, family time. I got to see Ryan, my 4 yr old niece, who has changed and grown so much since I last saw her 9 months ago! Usually it takes her a while to warm up to me, but this time she was requesting my presence within minutes. It was awesome. She's so chatty now, too... reminds me of her Mama. ; ) There was a family gathering to celebrate my older bro's 33rd birthday (complete with a Chewbacca cake and all), and a couple dinners out with local friends.

Sunday we also got some great, fun news from my older sister. =) Looks like we'll have to make another trip to the US in July. Yay! =)

I'll have to update with more detail later... I'm on Jen's computer now which has a wierd mouse that I have a hard time getting used to, and people are downstairs eating pizza and later cheesecake will be had in honor of my birthday coming up in a few weeks. Tomorrow I fly back to CA, will have more time to sit and think and remember everything and write it out then... hopefully.

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  1. Yeah, I see how it is... wait until I leave to have the cheesecake...



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