Wednesday, August 01, 2007


We've settled on a nickname for our little fetus: Loki. At first I was calling it "the tadpole" but then it lost its tail and that didn't seem appropriate anymore. So then Zach came up with Loki, who is apparently the god of mischief in Norse mythology. Are we jinxing ourselves by giving our child this nickname? Perhaps. But it's also cute and fun, and better than just calling it "it" or "the baby." Perhaps when we find out the sex and decide on a proper name we'll start calling it that instead, but for now we'll use Loki. =)

Today is Swiss National Day, and Zach's off work (woot!) so we're going into town and gonna try to catch The Simpsons Movie. =) Then we might check out some of the festivities for the Fetes de Geneve.

Update: Without saying anything else, since I don't want to ruin the movie for anyone, I'll just say that I approved. = ) Oh, and that as we watched, I kept thinking of what Europeans must be thinking when they watch The Simpsons. For one thing, there's so many jokes that have everything to do with American culture, that must go over many heads. And then there's stuff like, well, Itchy and Scratchy, and the gratuitous violence, and as I sat there laughing part of me also felt almost ashamed... but in an amused sort of way. I mean, it's The Simpsons, for crying out loud! ; )

(I say this knowing that, as soon as I officially become a mother and have a child that is capable of watching The Simpsons, my views will change and it will go from a great show, to utter trash that I don't want my children watching. It's inevitable, I imagine)

Overall, our first theatre experience in Geneva was pretty good. I was pleased to see that we did not get assigned seating (I hear this is common in other parts of Switzerland). We went and saw it played in the original English version, and I don't know if it was b/c of that, or that it's a holiday, or both, but we were one of only 3 small groups of people in the entire theatre. Zach wants to go see Ratatouille next, but other than that we may not go to the movies that often here... I mean, $17chf per person is just a bit on the steep side, ya know?


  1. Zach's trying to jinx you. Loki?
    If you're going to go for a Norse god, go with Thor or Freya... or, since you don't know the sex yet, go with Thorya, or Frer. Strength and beauty - good qualities all around.

    What are you going to name your next child, Baccus?


  2. melanienyc12:54 PM

    I actually like the name Loki =)



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