Thursday, August 02, 2007

La Grossesse

A little French language lesson for y'all...

Gros(se): (adj) thick, heavy, big, enlarged; fat person.

Grossir: (verb) to become fatter, to get bigger.

La grossesse:(noun) pregnancy

That's right. Apparently the French language views pregnancy as primarily equivalent with "fatness." Lovely. I'm not creating a life, or performing a miracle, or anything like that. Nope, I'm just getting bigger.

In other news, I totally want one of these baby carriers:

This is from Meg over at Montessori by Hand, and she's amazing at crafts-- always making really cool stuff by hand (check out her reading pillow!). She'll soon be selling the pattern to make this Mei Tai carrier, and although I can't sew worth a crap (I'm seriously considering trying to learn, so I can make some of this awesome stuff she comes up with) I may have to ask Kara to make one for me. ; )


  1. too funny!
    such a cute pattern!

  2. Thanks for the mention, Marcy ... AND CONGRATULATIONS!!! How exciting to be participating in the creation of a little human being. French. So what? You can get proudly plump. What about Spanish - "embarazada." Sounds suspiciously like "embarrassed," huh? I'll stick with pregnant. :)

    Hey, do you have patterns for the Assistants to Infancy newborn layette? I think I have some laying around - let me know if you want me to pass them on to your sewing friend.

  3. Marcy I think that you should try your hand at is quite cute.

  4. Cute! I have a very old cat who is arthritic & wants to be carried all the time- I should totally look into that. LOL.

  5. Anonymous8:59 PM

    Buy the pattern and make two - Indy would love one of those.

    Speaking of... have you talked to Sierra yet about what will happen ot your lap space when you start to grossir in earnest? You might need to prepare her for that.

    (PS - cut the French some slack. Back in the day, people thought babies came ready-made from the man's sperm, and the woman was little more than an incubator, to hold the baby until it got big enough to get out on its own... they didn't know what they were doing when they coined the word.)



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