Friday, August 17, 2007

We've Landed

We're here! We arrived yesterday afternoon, and after finally getting off the plane, through security, and gotten our rental car, we started driving south on the 101 and marvelled at the number of big cars on the road, and how the previously massive-seeming hills around the bay area now seem downright miniscule when compared to the background of the Jura and Swiss Alps that we've enjoyed the past several months.

Zach was in need of dress shoes for the weekend's festivities (his previous pair may have gotten lost in the move... 6 months ago) so we figured we'd head down to the mall while we still had energy. So we did, and we found some shoes for Zach (in what I think was the quickest and most painless shoe shopping excperience with him in years) and also found a pair of maternity jeans for me (woot!). It's nice to go into stores, have people greet you, be able to talk to the salespeople, etc.

We then came home to John and Carolyn's and got to catch up with them and Mr Stinky and hang out on their very nice garden and eat some of her ripe tomatoes and watermelon. =) We drove out to the Stanford mall later on so John could buy a few things and then grab dinner, and it was actually my first time to ever go there which seems a shame now b/c even though I wouldn't be able to buy much stuff there (it is the most expensive mall in the US by square footage) it certainly is an incredibly nice place to just walk around and windowshop. Soon after finishing our food Zach and I both got hit hard by sleepiness and we came back here and pretty much crashed at 9pm (6am swiss time, I think).

Zach and I kinda woke up a few times in the early morning, but then managed to sleep though till 7am which was really good. This morning we're talking of going to a farmer's market and then run some errands at Target, then this afternoon I'll probably try to take a nap before the evening's wedding festivities.


  1. Ah yes finding clothes you like quickly is so comforting...

    I'm in shock you never saw the Stanford mall. Come at the right time and you can find some great sale prices...

    P.S. we are now on the same time zone.

  2. Welcome back! How long are you in Ca for?
    Nothing like TARGET! That is the ONE store I missed ALOT



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