Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Yay for the Interweb

I spent a good bit of time today (between finishing up washing loads of clothes to put away, or give away) reading A Little Pregnant, and particularly the posts from when she was pregnant with her son. I forget how I found this blog, one of those internet things where you click on links on other blogs and come across the random gemstone. Anyway, it's been fun, if a bit heartbreaking at times, to read her tale, and now I'm into the more fun reads of having her baby at home and learning how to do that whole "parenting" thing. However, the main reason I mention it is b/c I also came across a post of hers with advice for mothers who pump (she gave birth via c-section to a preemie, so never got to establish breastfeeding and pumped exclusively instead so she's kind of an expert). I thought this might be useful for any other mommies or mommies-to-be out there. I hope not to need to pump too much, since I'll be home with baby and plan to be able breastfeed myself the vast majority of the time, but as with all things child-related you can never really know the way things will go and so this advice may come in very useful in 6 months or so.

Tomorrow will be a busy day. I have a check-up with my ob-gyn at 10am. I'm curious to see what this ultrasound will show, as every other u/s with her has shown Loki as being right on schedule with my estimated dates of conception, but at the NT scan he was measuring a week ahead. So we'll see if he's still ahead, or if it was a difference in how the machines work, or what. I have no clue.

And yes, Loki's a he. =P

I will then have a few errands to run while in town, before Zach and I have appointments with a dentist after lunch. It'll be our first appt with this dentist, so we'll see how it goes. I'm much more wary of dentists ever since the fiasco with the dentist we used in Austin for a good 10 yrs or so who then proved to be incompetent and made my sister have to do a root canal on what should have been a simple cavity. And then there was the guy in CA who made me feel like I was going to a car mechanic, constantly finding new fillings that needed to be re-done... but anyway. This will also be my first cleaning in, um, too long. As in I think it's been a year and a couple months or so. Luckily, pregnancy has given me the motivation to get into the habit of flossing every day and using mouthwash, and I'm not even getting the common pregnancy symptom of bleeding gums yet so I think I'm in good shape.

And then, we fly out early Friday morning! =)


  1. good luck with the dentist! We tried a Swiss dentist for the first time about a year ago and then saw the price tag for work he wanted to do (4 figures for each of us) and went running back into the arms of our wonderful French dentist who for 3 years has us in and out of the office for under 3 figures, and no complaints as to the work or the state of our teeth.
    so my advice is if you arent happy with this guy it might be worth checking out the French!

  2. loki's a boy! woohoo! i'm sure zach is pleased!

  3. profeministmale10:51 AM

    Whoohoo! Loki is a hot name! I'll bet he'll be a wonderful little guy.


    Your blog is fascinating. I've never been to Sweden, but I've been inspired to!



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