Thursday, August 09, 2007

Even when it rains...

I had a great lunch today, with Francisca and Jessica who just recently moved to Geneva and I got to meet today for the first time (yay for the blogosphere bringing people together!). Despite the ugly, rainy weather, we had a good time, found a little place that just might rival Chez Ma Cousine for awesome chicken-fries-and-salad deal. ; ) I guess I know where to go now if I have chicken cravings and am on the wrong side of the lake. Unfortunately, lately between having visitors around from home, being tired out from pregnancy, and just in general not always being the best social coordinator, I haven't been as good about try to make plans to hang out with some of the people I've met over these past 5-6 months. However I'm hoping that can change a bit, after we get back from our trip to the states, and I have a bit more energy... and resolve. I should also work on inviting people to meet me for coffees and such, as that will also be more affordable all around than regular lunches out.

I was pleased to find that spending a few hours in town today didn't tire me out as it has been lately. Perhaps that 2nd trimester energy kick is starting? I dare believe it, for fear of jinxing myself. I did still take a nap upon getting home today, but I didn't feel as beat as I have in the past even week, so there's hope! After lunch, I stopped by a yoga studio in town to ask about prenatal yoga classes. The place is pimp-- it's decorated so nicely and so... ZEN and peaceful seeming. Of course, that also means that it ain't cheap. I'll have the next few weeks to think about it, since I wouldn't join anything till after we get back from the states anyway. I really like the idea of yoga as my pregnancy exercise, but I'm not sure I can plunk down $30 or more per class... but at the same time, I know buying a DVD at home isn't the same b/c I can't always tell if I'm doing things correctly. Decisions, decisions...

Tonight I'm set to baby-sit Jules and Levi, a rambunctious and very cool 5 yr old that's a friend of theirs who's visiting from the states (along with his mom, Kimberly). Zach is gonna come with me, too-- he originally had his motorcycle class scheduled for tonight, but it got moved to Saturday instead. This way he gets some more practice with kiddoes. ; ) And, well, we get to spend time together, too. Tuesday he went out to dinner with some guys at work, and last night he had his motorcycle class, so I haven't seen him as much lately. So, should be a fun night all around. Those kids are a blast. =P


  1. jessica4:18 AM

    hola chica. so i had a great time, but agreed on the coffee v. lunch thing. eek. i do not have key clients, or even a salary...what is this 20 franc a tomato business?! :)

    I was also thinking that when you are back, and feeling well rested, that we should get coffee and chat a little better. I feel like I rambled on quite a bit about myself yesterday (she asked for it!) and wasn't that rude!? I hope to get to know you better.

    I also stopped by a yoga place, after discovering that the tax office was closed. boo. anyway, i went to inner city yoga and it was tres cher mais fantastique zen et sympa. So i am where you are, really wanting to go, but you have to pay membership and all upfront and yikes. That and 20 franc plates of cheese and i am looking at trouble.

    ttys (wow that was old school)

  2. patric8:09 PM

    hi ladies,

    i am the co-owner of the yoga studio innercityoga in geneve that you seemed to have both visited…

    just curious about your pregnancy, i would be looking forward to hear about your end result, the baby. should come any minute or so?

    have a beautiful day,

  3. patric8:11 PM

    oh, congratulations!
    just scrolled down on you blog and saw the baby pics.
    he looks cute!



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