Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Belly Pics!

I have started chronicling the expansion of my belly. Here's some of the pics:

Taken at 7 weeks; then at 11wks

12wks ; the last one is from yesterday, at what would have been 13 wks but I'm apparently 14wks now.

Ironically, with the first 3 pictures I felt that the pic made me look bigger than I felt, and then with this last one, well I'm finally feeling like I'm a bit more, um, obvious and it feels like the pic doesn't show that as much... but perhaps it's all my own expectations.

I've had to start going through some of my shirts and put some away already, as some just aren't long enough anymore. I'm really glad I stocked up on those Old Navy long tank tops a while back, those are about perfect right now (partially b/c they are super comfy, and fitted so they make the most of my belly). =P I went to H&M yesterday and looked for some tops to supplement my wardobe by, and there's lots of styles that work great for pregnancy right now but I was having a hard time finding anything under $20chf. So I just got 2 shirts, and will hold off on more till I can go shop at my trusty Target and such, where I'll find better deals.

And, for funzies, here's the latest photo of our darling little one. The profile of the face just amazes me.

(and you thought the endless showing off of baby pictures didn't start till after the baby was born... =P)
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  1. How awesome are you? I love how you are recording this journey - will be so valuable for you to have to look back on! Plus I get to read it and not say the wrong things when I see you ;)

    And I'm relieved to know Google is not quite that discriminating and thinks everyone is German. Although that might actually be scarier...hmm...

  2. Anonymous2:26 PM

    Loki looks like he's chillin' at the beach... laid back, hanging out... :)

  3. Gorgeous little Loki!
    Thanks for sharing!
    You can never share too many photos of little ones!
    THey are little miracles!

  4. Look at his/her little lips. What a perfect picture!

  5. Ohhhhh, I love the belly pics, but the picture of the little mini is so cute!

    How excited are you?!? 14 weeks! Enjoy the ride...it is great to be pregnant!




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