Monday, March 31, 2008

6 days down, 4 more to go

So the doctor comfirmed today that we're gonna go through with the whole 10-day treatment for D. The good thing is they're counting the begining from Wednesday (he got his first antibiotic dose late that night after getting admitted), so we're already at day 6. We should get to go home Friday after they give him his last dose. Woot! Just a few more days.

I'm really really hoping we get to keep our room to ourselves till then. This morning a second baby moved into the room next to ours, so I guess they might be getting a bit more full. If we get a roomie that means they take away me bed and I have to sleep on the recliner chair. Boo. So we'll just keep our fingers crossed.

D slept really well last night, which I think he needed. He's seemed much better today. I swaddled him up and that seemed to help him, I also am realizing that perhaps he sometimes wakes up before he's ready and I've assumed he needed to eat then but instead could go back to sleep (he did this this morning, he woke up after napping for an hour, and after letting him suck on my pinkie for a few minutes he went back to sleep for 2 more hours). We'll see if we can keep this good napping karma up.

Susan brought a classical piano CD for babies, which is great b/c I've been wanting to find something like this. I played it for D last night, and as I listened to the concertos I realized that I recognized many of them from childhood, when my mom would play them on her grand piano. I do believe one of the reasons I love the sound of the piano so much is from listening to her play as I grew up, and it made me a bit sad that I don't play and instrument that D can remember as part of his infancy (and knowing me I probably won't take the time to learn either). Regardless, it was a nice trip down memory lane.

BTW I'd like to know who decided it would be a brilliant idea to switch the placement of the z and y keys on the keyboard. Is this another one of these American "we wanna be different" things, like not using the metric system?


  1. Eliza had her first treatment on Sat night. She had an ultrasound done on her kidneys today? Did your little guy need that? I hope you get to keep your bed. This chair sleeping is for the brids.

  2. Awe.. Ava was in the hospital when she was almost 1 and she also had the cast... luckily we were not away for that long, but my darling was so very very sick for so long.

  3. Marcy, it's so good to hear about you through blogger. :) maybe i'll get one too, since my work blocks xanga.

  4. Perhaps it has something to do with the popularity of those letters in the language... English uses Y more than Z; maybe French/German/Italian use Z more than Y, so they put that key in a more prominent place? (I don't remember what they were in Spain.)

  5. So glad to hear Donovan is doing better.

    By the way, the keyboard was developed in the US. So everyone else switched it. And it is designed so that the keys used most often are in the best position for fast typing. Y's are used more frequently in English and Z's are used more in German.

    The keyboard you have is probably a Swiss keyboard, which means it was developed for combined German, French and Italian use. A French keyboard is different, as is a German keyboard and so on.

  6. Sending lots of get well vibes to little D. You are amazing - I don't know if I could take this with so much stride but you are really natural about it. That is great for D!

    My father is a musician and sometimes when I am singing Felix lullabies I'll suddenly flash back to my Dad doing the exact same thing. Even though you don't play music you can always instill a love music starting at an early age...and it sounds like you are doing it! :)

  7. Hi Marcyyyy,

    Mommy filled me in and I just read all the blog posts...booo for sickness, but yay for good hospital care and napping karma!

    I'm very impressed by the calm tone I read in your blog--whether it's actually present or not, you are doing an amazing job and I am very proud of you! I know Donovan appreciates your love and presence. And you can always sing to him--you'll be the hippy mom generation for Donovan, who'll be able to identify all the Ben Folds albums when his schoolmates will barely know what he's talking about...

  8. Or you can get one of those pianos that plays by itself, but you sit in front of it and pretend it's you. I bet you could pull that off until he's, like, 5 or so.

    The word verification word I have to enter is "hughq." Even Blogger is trying to send you hugs, see?


  9. Oh wow! I have been away for awhile so didn't see about D's being sick til now. I hope he gets better soon! Sorry about the hospital stay but it sounds he's well cared for.

  10. OH boy, I am just now catching up with your blog!
    So sorry to hear about your little guy! POOR guys soo much in such a short life!Oh and to do it all with your husband! I am soo sorry!

    I had my time in the ER last week with my husband (got hit while riding his bike--he is ok but broken up)
    HOpe D gets better REALLY soon!



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