Thursday, March 20, 2008

after-party musings

Tonight Zach and I went to a birthday celebration for a friend of ours at a wine bar in Geneva. It's an intimate place with a non-smoking room (which was where we would be) so we brought D along with us (making sure to check with the birthday girl's husband, who organized everything, first to make sure that was ok). It's nice to get out with the baby, knowing that parenthood isn't necessarily a jail sentence keeping you home every night.

When we arrived I looked around at some of my girl friends who were there, dressed up in their cute outfits and makeup, and I felt a pang as I realized I'd forgotten to put lipgloss on before heading out the door. I suddenly missed Life Before Baby, when I had the time to dress up and plan my outfit and do fun makeup before an evening out, and when I could socialize around the room without feeling the need to remain in close physical proximity to my child in case he started crying... and when I could have more than a single glass of wine in an evening. I had my camera tucked into my diaper bag and I thought about getting some pictures with the girls, but I knew I felt tired which probably meant that I looked tired, and didn't necessarily want that documented in pictures.

But then, then there were the mothers with children a bit older, who immediately swooned over Donovan. Who were eager to hold him and gaze at him, and wonder how it happened that these early times with their own children went by so quickly, and I made a mental note-to-self to enjoy every minute with D now because these first 6 (almost 7!) weeks have already flown by, and I know that in the blink of an eye I'll be that mother with her nearly-grown children at a party, gazing at another overwhelmed, tired mother's newborn, wondering where that time went when my own babies were babies.

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