Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I hear tile floors are very ergonomic

I am typing this as I sit on the floor of our bathroom. Why you ask? Well, I gave D a bath today, and then I wanted to give him some naked time and figured setting him on a towel on the bathmat on the floor of the bathroom (with the plug-in heater pointed at him, b/c he likes that) would be a good, safe place, as the tile floors make for an easy pee-spray clean-up. So we had some naked time, and then I dressed him, but he was still happy laying there on the towel so I let him. And then I went to go answer the phone, and when I came back 2 minutes later he was fast asleep.

And I dare not move him.

This morning I took him with me to the baby talk group in town. Brave, I know. Even braver? I took the bus. I put him in the sling, and he was pretty happy on the way there, just looking out the window, then dozed a bit before we got to the club, was awake and alert and mostly happy while there, ate, then we started heading back and he slept a little and only cried for a few minutes here and there.

I was so pleased that we'd had such an easy time of it, and then we got home and he turned into a friggin monster. Though I guess it was mostly my fault, for having the audacity to want to, you know, eat lunch. I swear at least half of my meals these days are eaten with him attached to me in some way, shape, or form (usually a sling), trying to get food to my mouth without dropping any on him. Sometimes I manage to succeed. Anyway, I figured a nice warm bath might calm and relax him a bit (I admit the morning may have been a tad bit overwhelming for the poor little guy), and, well, that's how we wound up napping on the bathroom floor.

By the way we had his 1 month Well Check yesterday. They claim he's only grown 1in in length since birth, which I don't quite buy (and trying to measure squirmy newborns may not be an exact science), but he's up to 4.7kg which is about 10lbs 5oz I think? So he's already gained over 2lbs since birth, and most of that in the past 3 weeks. CRAZY.

And.... he's awake. It must be time to eat.


  1. Aww! How cute! That was a great MOMent.

    Even though it tuckered him out to head out, it is so great that you did it! And the bus? That IS brave! I remember being so nervous the first time I really went out (public transportation and all with Felix) but like you, it went pretty well. It's only gonna get easier...well most of the time. :)

  2. lol...! This made me laugh Marcy. You poooor thing :). im so glad you tell it like it is, so i know what i might be getting myself into next year



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