Tuesday, March 04, 2008

adieu, chere grand-mere

This morning Mom and I (and Donovan) went to the house across the way for coffee with the woman that lives there (and shares the house with her daughter, who has a 2 and a 4 yr old). Mom's been doing great with practicing her French, and I'm glad to be meeting more people from the village (funny how a baby is such a people attractor). Afterwards Hillary, Melanie, and Sophia came over to meet Donovan and hung out with us for a couple hours. Donovan was great through both of these meetings, pretty much dozing through them and only getting fussy towards the end of the time with the girls here.

This afternoon Mom took him out on a stroller ride and as they were out it started snowing! It was only for a few minutes, apparently, and by the time they got back home the sun was out again. But yeah, Donovan has been out in his first snowfall already. =P

Mom leaves tomorrow morning. It's gonna be so strange not having her around every day now. I'm so glad she stayed this long, as I'm now feeling much more comfortable and confident about having the little guy all to myself during the day. And that's even taking into account the fact that he's been waking up to feed every 3 hours at night the past couple nights. I don't know if he still has more growth-spurting left to do or if his body's playing catch-up, but he's been eating like a maniac lately. He used to eat every 3 or even 4 hours during the day, getting in about 7 feedings per day, and lately it's been more like every 2 hours, sometimes even 1.5, and I think yesterday he fed 9 times. But his "schedule" changes so often that I know better than to expect this to last very long.

But yeah, Donovan and I will greatly miss Grandma and all her help... and her cooking, and washing the dishes, and baking cookies, and bringing me snacks when I'm nursing, and, um, you get the picture. We're so gonna have to book her to come out again whenever we have baby # 2.

(btw grandma crocheted that yellow blanket for him while I was pregnant. She's working on an aqua-colored one just like it at the moment)


  1. Anonymous1:54 PM

    Li'l Loki used his baby ESP to sense that there was snow in Texas, where his Aunt Criss hangs out, and he wanted to know what that was like. So he called upon his ancient Norse god powers and made it snow.

    Also, he thought it would be nice to play that little trick on his sweet grand-maman, since he knew she would feel terrible for having him out while it was snowing even though there was no earthly way she could have known he was going to make it snow. He is the Norse god of mischief, after all; what else did you expect?

    He's going to miss his grand-maman, though.

  2. His facial expressions crack me up. he looks like a little philosopher !



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