Sunday, March 02, 2008

Sunday Walk, Shopping, Date Night

Sunday Walk

Today was another absolutely gorgeous and warm sunny day, so Zach strapped Donovan into the sling and he, Mom, and I went for a walk out near the village. I don't know where this weather's coming from or how long it'll last (I expect more cold, rain, and possibly snow to show before spring really arrives, but we'll see) but I'm loving it, especially since it means we can take Donovan out on walks nearly every day. I'm hoping this will help get me lose the baby weight over time. ; )

Earlier in the week I attempted a dangerous mission-- I started pulling out pre-pregnancy clothes that I could start wearing again, mostly tops, and I decided to try on my old jeans. I was actually able to get them up over my hips, but there was no hope of getting anywhere close to zipped or buttoned up. So then on Thursday, after meeting the girls for lunch, I attempted another very risky mission-- jeans shopping. Amazingly, this went fairly well. I didn't have much time before needing to get back home to Donovan, but in about 20-30 minutes' time I was able to figure out what size I was and actually find a pair of jeans that fit me fairly well (H&M jeans seem to suit me, amazingly, I think this was one of the easiest jeans shopping experiences I've ever had). The only problem is they need a belt b/c they're kinda low and gape a bit at the back, but when I tried on one of my old belts, well, it don't fit no more either. So I guess I'll have to make another shopping expedition soon. I actually don't really mind wearing my maternity jeans that much, and in fact after wearing nice stretchy pants for so many months putting on regular jeans again was kinda weird (not to mention how weird it was to have to remember to unbutton and unzip my pants before I could take them off to go to the bathroom, for example), but it's also nice to have regular jeans to wear from time to time and not worry about the big elastic maternity band showing.

Last night Zach and I had a date night. =) Mom leaves on Wednesday, and I figured we needed to take this last chance since I don't know when we'll have any sort of reliable baby-sitting services mapped out (not to mention that Grandma works for free). So we got (slightly) dressed up and went into town and ate at the Brasserie Lipp. We haven't gotten to spend much quality time together, so it was great to have a whole dinner of just the 2 of us.


  1. you are very lucky :) Audrey will be 7 months in 10 days and we don't have any date yet. Also Andrew told a friend the other day that I have only been away more than a mile in a total of 2.5 hours so far :)

    Don't worry about the pre-pg clothes, one day somehow they all fit again :) mine happened when Audrey was 3 months old :)

  2. We went out before my parents left, and it was great...enjoy your mom being there, after my mom being with me for 5 weeks I was so sad when they left this past week!

    And I am in pp jeans, but one size bigger than normal, and its a bummer :( I keep thinking it has only been 3 weeks, so we both have time!



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