Sunday, March 23, 2008

VS to the Rescue

Just the other day I was thinking to myself how I kinda miss getting the Victoria's Secret catalogues in the mail all the time and looking through their stuff. And kinda wishing they carried nursing bras, but assuming they didn't.

Then yesterday I happened to see a post on about how VS now carried nursing bras. And this excited me beyond words, especially when I went to look at the selection and saw that (online at least) they look WAY better than the ones I've bought here, and less expensive.

So I express ordered a couple so they'd go to Zach's parents, who'll be flying here on Friday. I am WAY TOO EXCITED about my new bras coming in.

The things that happen when you become a mom. At least I'm not asking for a new toilet for my birthday. ; )


  1. Anonymous5:06 PM

    Did you randomly pick "toilet" or is there a story there?

    (Because your sister and your new brother-in-law are in need of a new toilet... and their fun wedding money, which was going to go to a fun kitchen remodeling, is probably going to go to said new toilet...)

    Yay for good nursing bras! I hope they're all you ever wanted and more.

  2. We know a couple in CA who bought a house a couple years back and the one toilet in the house was really crappy apparently and his 40th birthday was coming up so for his birthday he got a new toilet. And he was actually super psyched about it. =P

  3. Oh, lucky you! Six months ago I was wondering why the hell VS didn't sell nursing bras already! So, tell us...did you get the leopard print? :-). Also, you are smart to have them shipped to your in-laws. I paid international shipping for some regular VS bras when I was first pregnant (increasing rack and all that) and it cost me $25, 11 pounds in customs, and took more than a month to arrive!

    BTW, if the VS bras don't work out for some reason, check out They have a great selection (I like the Anita nursing bras--pricey but good) and ship all over Europe.



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