Saturday, March 08, 2008

Rockin' Around

I've tried to use for networking and message boards, really I have, have even tried to use it to find used baby goods, but have never been too successful. Then Melanie pointed me to English Forums and let me tell you, that site has been SO AWESOME. Just yesterday I posted asking if anyone knew a good store in Geneva to look for rocking chairs, since I have recently come to the realization that with all the times Donovan has been needing me to hold him and bounce him around for movement to stay calm, yes, a rocking chair would be an incredibly useful item to have, even if we have to pay a crapload of money for one (they're apparently unheard of over here in Europe for some reason, I've seen a few gliders sold but usually for 500chf up to 1,500chf).

Well, a response came back by a guy who's offered us his old rocking chair, for free, and is gonna meet Zach in town on Monday morning to drop it off. It seems he's more than happy to get to free up the space in his cave. Now, I don't really know what this chair looks like or what kind of condition it's in, but it's a rocking chair and it's FREE and I'll take it gladly.


  1. kinda like a swiss version of freecycle! very neat.

  2. Yeah for free stuff! I love being able to re-use someone else's stuff.

    It's really interesting for me to follow your life-in-CH observations. We have plenty of friends and family there, but since they're all Swiss, they don't have the same perspective. It's interesting to know rocking chairs are hard to find. One more think to make sure we ship over when we finally move.



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