Wednesday, March 26, 2008


So yesterday went much better. He's still eating constantly, of course, but he did grant me a 2 hr nap that we took together in the morning. He also let me watch the new episode of The Hills (I know, I know, I said NO TV, but he's so young, he doesn't even notice it, right? Right?). I guess Monday I was just feeling crappy, different things coming together and making me depressed (how long postpartum can I blame hormones?).

Last night was a bit tough, D kept waking up after being asleep for about 10 minutes as we were all trying to get to bed. He seemed to have a really strong need to suck to soothe himself, but the only thing he was interested in sucking was my nipple (the pacifier and pinkie finger as suddenly SO not good enough), so in addition to the normal feeding times I spent a good 1-2 hrs just sitting with him attached to my boob as I prayed that he'd go to sleep and stay asleep. He kept passing gas, I think that's what was bugging him. Zach made this big pot of beans and rice for dinner the other day and has been complaining of a stomach ache ever since, perhaps little D has inherited his daddy's sensitive digestive system.

I'm trying to maintain perspective in those difficult moments/days. I tend to get caught up in how hard it is in that moment and feel frustrated and helpless, and I need to remember to step back and see the big picture and know that it will pass. I keep reading about how much more awesome babies get once they get past the initial 3-4 months, so I'm waiting for that landmark to come, and enjoying the smiles I get here and there during his happy-awake times.


  1. We don't have a TV and we are fairly anti-TV in our house but I watched so much TV on the internet during those first few months with Felix. I would crawl in bed and watch series while he nursed and napped. Enjoy it now!

    You are doing such a great job making through the hard moments. I know exactly how you feel - when it is in it it is so challenging and feels almost endless but you also know in the back of your mind that this will pass. Or at least you hope! Good luck...and hang in there! :)

  2. I so feel for you, because we go through the same thing. We get a good 4-5 hours at the beginning of the night but from 3 on it is just him waking up every hour or so, and it is so tiring.

    And we also watched The Hills yesterday - I figured I could teach Finn how not to be like Spencer :)

    Hang in there!

  3. Remember you're also pretty sleep-deprived at this point. It will pass but it seems like it takes forever. I think I got only 1 night of 5 uninterrupted hours of sleep the first couple months. I was really edgy.
    Gas can hurt pretty bad, rub his tummy the same direction his intestines go, left to right in a circle (is that counterclockwise?) to break up the bubbles and help him pass gas. Plus, you may need to modify what you eat. I had to cut dairy and cow for a couple months b/c Ryan couldn't digest the proteins in the milk.
    Ryan had lots of trouble with acid reflux too so by 5pm, after spitting up half of what she ate each day, her throat would be so sore she would wail for two hours every afternoon. My mom calls it the witching hour for babies. 5-7: cry nonstop

    Keep it up, see if you can get a solid night sleep - if a friend or Zach can give you a break. You'll feel much better.

  4. Lacey Jane1:40 PM

    In my (un)professional opinion Marcy- honestly?

    You're doing a really fantastic job at being a mommy.

  5. Hang in there. It truly will get easier around 4 months- but there will always be challenges. Try to enjoy what you can because they do grow fast. Yesterday was a horrible day with Eliza and today she is a different baby. I said no tv too. hahahaha I felt down for a really long time-and it did pass. Thank goodness.

  6. marcy, myloncon works great with us for gas- it is safe to give to the baby (they said) even every feeding
    in the early months once in a while when I know she is having gas - I gave before the nighttime feeding.

    also with us - no tomato; it really gave her BAD gas and horrible night for us.

    Hang in there!



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