Saturday, March 15, 2008

Tidings of Joy

My sister is getting married today. Or, right now. As in, she's up at the altar as I type this. She called a few minutes ago, as they were all lining up to walk down the aisle.

The other day I found myself daydreaming about hopping on a plane last-minute and surprising everyone to be there. Today I wondered if I made the right decision in staying behind, if it really would've been so bad to fly with D at this point. As much as it sucks that I can't be at my sister's wedding (where she has me listed as an honorary matron of honor on the program and everything), in the end it just wasn't going to be feasible to be there. But it does still suck.

I've been thinking about our trip back to the US this summer, and how we'd been planning to spend 1 week in Texas. Now I'm wondering if that will be nearly enough time. Usually for us it's not that big a deal-- we'll just pack in everything we want to do, and if we see people a few times over the week and catch up that's sufficient. But with little D... first of all we'll have to be slower about how much we do with him each day, and I also want to make sure the family gets to hang out with him lots, and well there's a LOT of family to do this with. And my mom and step-dad are planning a weekend trip with all the kids and that would be almost half of the week right there, leaving not much time to spend with Zach's parents, my dad, and other friends. So I'm strongly leaning towards staying for closer to 2 weeks, even if that means having to fly back here with D on my own (Zach would still only stay for 1 week, to save vacation time for other things we want to do). Flying with a 4/5-month-old can't be that bad... right?

Unless someone from Texas wants to fly back with me? =P


  1. Flying with a 4-5 month old is easy. Keyword: Boob. Felix was so easy to fly with at this age - they are not moving, they sleep in your arms (although call ahead and request a bassinet if you haven't already). You'll do great by yourself.

    Because you should stay 2 weeks! That is totally not enough time. Usually I am all about adapting but I think one week, with jet-lag and a slower pace, is gonna fly by so fast!

    I'm going back to the states for two weeks in April/May, by myself with Felix. I'm so nervous. But at least we have to get him his own seat now...that should make things a bit easier for him (for me!).

  2. I am so sorry you aren't there for your sisters wedding, but I am sure she knows you are there in spirit :)

    I agree, 1 week is not long enough!

    And we did take Finn's passport picture ourselves, every time we took him to the shop to get them done he was asleep!

  3. lacey jane12:43 PM

    FINE Marcy. I will fly back with you. You don't have to beg.

    The wedding was BEAUTIFUL. SO beautiful. I didn't take pictures. But I recorded Jens toast. It was so sweet.

    I sobbed like a pathetic nitwit throughout the entire ceremony. Everything was perfect.

  4. Awww, I'm sorry you're missing your sister's wedding.

    As for your trip, our first trip (well, and all trips) back to CH with A was so exhausting, and we had almost 2 weeks. Everyone wanted to see us, and everyone wanted to see us *alone.* So we couldn't just plan a party to see them all. A was ok (she was 9 weeks old), but there were some really difficult moments. Everyone expected she should be able to sleep whenever/wherever, but that didn't happen!

    I honestly was scared to fly alone with A - moreso now than then, as she's a handful now. Looking back on that trip at 9 weeks, I probably could have done it if I didn't have too many stops. She just nursed and slept the whole time. Now she's more of a challenge.

    I wish we could go this summer, 'cause then I'd happily fly back with you! But I have no more vacation time.

  5. Anonymous10:38 AM

    I had a dream last week that you did decide to come for the wedding... then we were running around trying to get your dress and everything.

    Philip has the whole thing on video, so you'll get a copy as soon as he's done editing the footage from the three cameras he set up in the church.

    You definitely need to stay two weeks, if not three. I was wondering about the reunion weekend, if that was going to leave you time to see all the other Texas folk who want to see you and Li'l Donovan. I don't know much about flying with babies, but I know you can't plan for much with babies, right? They're totally unpredictable. He might sleep through the whole flight, or he might have an ear infection and scream his head off the whole 14 hours, whether Zach (or Lacey, or anyone else) is with you on the plane or not. There's no way to guarantee an "easy" flight, so plan for the two (or three) weeks, so at least the bad flight will have been worth it. On top of everything else, you don't want to spend the whole 14 hours thinking of all the people you didn't see, as your sweet baby boy lets you, and the rest of the plane, know how unhappy he is about teething. (When do they start teething, anyway?)

    Give Zach all the heavy luggage to deal with when he flies back, and your luggage we can either ship back to you, so you don't have to deal with it at the airport, or otherwise I'm sure we can arrange for an entourage to deliver you to the airport and check all your luggage for you, so all you have to worry about is carrying Donovan and his bag. Zach will pick you up from the airport and carry all heavy bags for you. (And you don't have to worry about carrying lots of baby bottles in D's baby bag, since you carry your boobs with you all the time anyway.)



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