Sunday, March 16, 2008

six word sunday: Thinning soles led to cold toes.

Thinning soles led to cold toes.

six word sunday challenge

My sister Jen has had these boots for ages and adores them, however with all the use the soles have thinned out over time. She wore them on a day trip to Gruyeres when she was here in December, and the soles were too thin to shield her feet from the cold and snow so her poor toes were quite cold the whole time.

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  1. Why doesn't she take them to a shoe repair place and have them re-soled? It's usually under 20 USD and I have found sole repairmen in every town in which I have ever lived -- large, small, US or Europe.

    Because I have an unusual foot-size (13AA in US) I have an incredible difficult time finding shoes. My shoes tend to be an "investment" and I do have them repaired to extend usage. I own shoes that I have had for more than 10 years. And they still look and feel great.



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