Wednesday, March 19, 2008

blogging catch-up

Michelle and Gerard invited us over for dinner Saturday evening. We went, and again D was great, he laid in his bassinet most of the time, seeming pretty content. I think he might really enjoy listening to the conversation, and this was all in French which must've also been interesting to him. Michelle at one point held him, and she looked so sweet holding him and was so excited (you could tell this woman must adore babies), and you could tell she was already loving this little guy. She had D look over at Gerard and said he could teach him how to play futbol, and it made me a bit sad thinking of the childhood he could have here in this village, with these people, and how neat that would be... and how it most likely won't happen. But that's one of the things we've been blessed with over and over again, multiple choices in what we want our life to be and grieving the ones we can't follow because they would all be so great.

Yesterday morning I took D in to the baby talk group. This time I used the stroller, and everything went pretty well again. He was oohed and aahed after quite a bit. =) Nathalie's office is right down the street from the group so I took him by there as well-- when I went in to see Nathalie on Monday and she'd been disappointed that I hadn't brought him along. She was so happy to see him. It must be tough for her, to help birth these babies and see them in the first days of life and then not continue to see how they grow.

The rest of the day was a bit rough. D was fussier than normal, though I have certainly noticed that my own mindset has a LOT to do with how the day feels-- many days feel tougher b/c I'm expecting to get things done while he sleeps and so if he's not able to sleep well or long or away from my arms I get more frustrated than I should. But I think yesterday was also a tough day for him... the baby talk group is great for the moms, but I have often wondered if it might be a bit much for the kids, as it often can be kinda loud and chaotic (imagine that). Today has felt much better so far, partially b/c he's taken a few good naps already which I think he really needed. He definitely is harder to deal with if he's not sleeping well. It does feel like we're having more "good" days between the "bad" days, which I maybe should not say anything about in case I jinx us, but it's good to feel the pendulum stay that way.

So Easter is upon us, and I don't know if we'll do anything special (I feel like we should, it's D's first Easter after all!) but I'm definitely looking forward to it b/c it's a long weekend-- Zach has Friday and Monday off from work, as he's taking tomorrow off as his one-day-a-week to stay home also, so WOOT! =)


  1. Anonymous9:26 AM

    I expect to see pictures with a certain little someone in cute bunny outfits.

    Other than that, though, I guess you can hold off on his "first" Easter until he can at least crawl around looking for eggs...

  2. You did not look tired at all. you looked serene. you dont have a wrinkle or a dark circle and no one believes that you dont sleep ;). and by the way, did i mention that the first thing jon said to me when he saw me last night in makeup (he came home from zurich)? "uhh, Scary!!"

    yep. all that prep work and that's what i get :)



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