Friday, March 14, 2008

Notes & Pics

A few days ago D was in a pretty good mood and I figured I'd try reading him one of our children's books. I set him up on my lap in a chair, with his back on my stomach so he could look at the pictures. But as soon as I started reading he twisted his head around so he could look up at my face, and was transfixed the entire time.

That was really cool. =)

Last night we went to Jessica and Jonathan's for dinner and to show off the little guy (they hadn't met him yet). Unfortunately D had been napping and didn't wake up till right when we needed to go, and I have a strong aversion to ever waking him up if I don't absolutely have to, which meant that I didn't have time to feed him before we left... which resulted in him screaming for a lot of the car ride over. =( But then we got there and he ate and was awake and happy for most of the time there, only fussing a little bit here and there. He even let Jon hold him for a bit. =) We had a great time, and it's nice knowing that (at least in his current state of behavior, which can change at any time) he's been doing pretty well with visits from people and to places. Tomorrow night we're going to attempt dinner at the neighbors' , we'll see how that goes...

This morning I finally got D to acknowledge and be interested in looking in the mirror, and as he did Sierra looked on from above, with a mixture of disdain, confusion, and I don't know what else on her face.


It was amusing, though I also kept a very close eye in case she decided to try anything funny...

And to show Sierra a bit of love (and show that we're not ignoring her these days... at least not completely), here's some pretty pictures of her:



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  1. Anonymous10:23 AM

    It looks like Sierra is about to push that book over the edge of the couch and drop it on poor Donovan... her foot is poised and ready...


    Maybe she's just upset that you didn't prop the mirror in front of her, too.



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