Thursday, March 06, 2008

milestones pt2

I think it was on Sunday that Donovan achieved a milestone that Zach's been anticipating for a while now-- his first "blowout" diaper. It actually wasn't too bad, just some poop up his back. It was impressive nonetheless. Then there was the diaper change he and I had yesterday afternoon where he went through two sets of clothes and 3 diapers (all while screaming bloody murder at me) b/c he kept peeing on stuff.

Last night Donovan went 2 5-hour stretches between feeding... unfortunately one of those stretches began after he ate at about 7:30pm, and I stayed up expecting him to eat again around 10pm as he usually does but apparently he'd decided to skip through that feeding. I finally went to bed at 11 and got 1.5 hrs of sleep before he woke me up again. I shoulda just gone to bed at 9 when I was getting sleepy. We'll see what he does tonight...

Zach and I went to a nearby mall today and he shopped for groceries while I took Donovan and shopped for belts. I did succeed in finding new belts that actually fit now, and I also found another pair of jeans, although as I went to try them on I was disappointed to find that this store didn't have a handicapped-sized dressing room (am all of a sudden wondering if this is common here in Europe? Never thought of it before) meaning none of the rooms were big enough for both me and the stroller. So instead I parked the stroller right in front of one of the rooms and changed in there, peeking out every 5 seconds to make sure no gypsies had stolen him away. As I was between changes he woke up and started crying, and it was kinda near feeding time, so I grabbed him out of his seat and sat down in the changing room to nurse-- my first time to do so while outside the house (or a friend's house). I am glad to say it went pretty well, he ate and then after a short bout of crying went back to sleep in the stroller and stayed asleep till we got home. Woot! It's great feeling more comfortable about the whole feeding-in-public thing as it gives me a LOT more freedom to go out and do things with him.

Donovan has got to be maybe a week or 2 from having control of his head and neck. Ok, so I have no idea how much longer that sort of thing takes to achieve, but he's getting better at it every day, it's pretty amazing. He does well enough so that he hardly ever slams his face down on my shoulder anymore when I'm burping him.

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