Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Home Sweet Home

We're HOME again. =) The hospital let us go home early, yesterday afternoon.

The whole story is that on Sunday something happened with D's IV and they had to take it out (exactly what I don't know, it happened while Hank and Susan were hanging out with him). I think the nurses were dreading having to put it back in since I think they'd had a hard time with it the first time. The doctor explored whether we could give him the antibiotics a different way and do a shorter treatment, but they decided they really would prefer him to get back on the IV and do the whole 10 days, just to be safe.

But then Monday afternoon they tried to put the IV back in and failed miserably. So for the moment they gave him the meds as a muscular shot, and said they'd re-evaluate his treatment options. The yesterday morning they decided it'd be ok for us to bring him home and give him the rest of his treatment at home, by mouth. So that's what we're doing.

We made it back by around 5pmish, and as I sat down to feed him in his usual chair upstairs, I looked around the massive mess that is our bedroom and despite the chaos it just felt so good to be back there, back to our normal "routine."

D was a bit fussy last night, I think all the change and transitions might not sit well with him, but then I swaddled him up for bedtime and he slept for a whole 6 hours which is FABULOUS (much better than the 2-3 hr night stretches he's been doing lately). I think I'm sold on this swaddling thing.

Now I finally get to look through the 2 huge suitcases of baby stuff that Hank and Susan brought! =P


  1. so glad he was able to come home early!

  2. Hi ! I am so glad you are home! I put up hopsital pics on newmommyrant. Eliza had a UTI from E.Coli. Her US came back normal. Now I am giving her oral antibiotics for 7 days. I hope your little one gets better quick!



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