Thursday, April 24, 2008

Anxious for Zach's return tomorrow

Note to self: When you have a nice routine going, DON'T MESS IT UP BY LEAVING THE HOUSE 3 DAYS IN A ROW.

D and I went into town again today to meet up with the gals for a coffee date. I started second-guessing whether we should go this morning, since we'd gone and done things outside the house 2 days in a row already, but I really wanted to get a couple of things to a pregnant friend who's scheduled to have a c-section next week and I knew she'd be there, so off we went...

Of course, I left the stuff at home.

Oh well. It was good to see them today and hang out for a bit, especially since it was such a nice day out. Unfortunately D started fussing after a while. I figured he was tired but my attempts to soothe him to sleep were all failing miserably, so screaming tot in tow I bid everyone adieu and left.

And of course, by the time I'd walked maybe 2 blocks he was asleep.

We did ok the rest of the afternoon until I tried yet another horribly unsuccessful attempt at baby massage. I keep reading about how good it is for babies and how much they love it, and so I keep trying it, and really I need to stop b/c it just does. not. work. for us. Two minutes into today's attempt D started screaming, such a shrill cry that he was actually scaring me a bit. I don't know what set him off, if it was something I did or if he was too cold or hot, I don't know. I threw his clothes back on as fast as I could (yet another thing he hates) and we went on a walk in the stroller to help calm him down. I give up on the baby massage.

One highlight of my day, however, was while we were sitting at the cafe (which was in the Paquis, which sorta explains this) we saw this very tall, very thin wo/man dressed in a pink top and pink miniskirt, riding a pink bicycle, in pink pumps. I almost wanted to take a picture. I didn't know such characters existed in our quaint little Geneva. It kinda made me miss Leslie. ; )

(I can't believe he has his own wikipedia entry! lol)

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  1. Eliza hated baby massage too! I tried ansd tried because she was colic. She is not a touchy feelky baby. Don't feel too bad! I really wish you had that pic of the pink lady.



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