Monday, April 07, 2008

In the Baby Navy

We've had kinda wacky weather lately. One day it'll be cold and rainy, the next sunny and warm (at least when the ice-cold wind isn't blowing). Hank, Susan, Zach and I took D next door to the restaurant and sat outside on the patio in the afternoon. It was pretty nice, and after a while D fell asleep in his stroller. Today we'd talked about all going into Geneva, but since it's rainy (and possibly gonna snow?) that might not happen.

It's been pretty fun watching Hank and Susan play with and sing to Donovan. They've got quite a repertoire, including a baby-fied version of Big Spender ("Big Drooler") and Hank's been working on a theme about a baby in the navy and whether or not they serve gravy in the baby navy. They've also been working on what they want their grandparent names to be. I'm curious to see what we'll settle on.

Zach caught this picture yesterday and I feel bad saying it but I think it's pretty precious. I'm trying to catch his lower lip when he sticks it out about a mile long to pout. No success yet. Anyway, Zach says this picture looks like I'm whispering mean secrets into his ear.


Also, Susan brought this knit blanket, and matching sweater and booties, which a friend of hers knit for Zach when he was a baby and are now getting passed down to D. How adorable is that??


1 comment:

  1. I can't get Finn's pout on camera either, and I wish I could, cause it is actually super cute!

    That is a great picture of the two of you!



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