Saturday, April 05, 2008

Dog, Cat, Rat

I remember the first time I saw the Cat Guy in Geneva. I instantly LOVED it, stopped to pet the cats almost every time I saw him, and just hearing his music playing while walking down the street would make me smile. I know some people think he's kinda lame, but as an avid cat lover I ate it up.

Then a friend sent me this video today, and well, I think our local Cat Guy has been one-upped. THIS would be awesome to see on Rue de Marche sometime...

(I'm actually kind of upset that I've never seen this guy on any of my trips to Santa Barbara... that may become a new personal mission)


  1. I have seen this guy before! Or at least someone else with the same exact dog/cat/rat combo, but in DC, and it was the weirdest thing ever!

  2. Wait. I got to SB very often....never seen this act... I Love it! I need to look out for him



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