Wednesday, April 16, 2008

DINOSAURS! And more sleep obsessing

Hank and Susan brought a whole 2 suitcases full of clothes and toys for D. Most of them are 3-6 month size, which he's already starting to fit into (and I'm finding more and more 0-3 size outfits that are needing to get retired from his dresser). One of the outfits is these dinosaur pj's, which Zach immediately LOVED. I mean, it's dinosaurs! DINOSAURS!!!


And so I feel the need to commemorate the outfit here on the blog, since I'm not sure D will be wearing it again. Not b/c I have anything against dinosaurs, of course, but because I honestly have no idea what the designer was thinking when he came up with this outfit. Those buttons on the front? They only go down to about his belly button. Then there's snaps at the crotch, but they stop at the ankle cuffs. So, basically, the best way we could figure out to get this thing on is like a jumpsuit, put the legs through first, bring outfit to waist level, then get his arms through.

Not exactly the most convenient thing to put on a baby that hates to get dressed to begin with.


From here on out, I swear that when I gift clothes to a baby I will do my best to find ones that are the most easy to put on and take off. B/c it really does make a difference sometimes.

In other news... D had a bit of a hard day yesterday, he didn't nap very well, he was fussy, and these things resulted in it taking Zach and I OVER TWO HOURS to get him down for the night. At least after the first hour or so getting him to fall asleep wasn't much of a challenge-- his eyes would close within minutes of picking him up. No, the problem at that point was that when I set him down he'd sleep for maybe 10 minutes and wake up crying again. He slept for 5 hrs, then another 2.5 after that, which for overnight isn't terrible but he usually sleeps more than that.

Today has been much better. I made it a goal to give him as good a naps as possible, and he actually wasn't as cranky (or hard to fall asleep) as I expected. I think part of it might be that Susan left this morning, so today was the first day in nearly 3 weeks that it was just the 2 of us, and the house was pretty calm and quiet. It's been great having the grandparents here, and letting them get to know D and they were great help with him and with house chores, etc, but I also think the extra excitement and people might affect him a bit. Which makes me wonder about how our trip back o the states will go in the summer... but whatevs. D's now sleeping on Zach, he's all bundled up and ready to go to bed (I'm still unsure when to really assume he's down for the night, as I keep expecting him to wake up again at 10 or 11 for another feeding). We'll see how the rest of the night goes, if he stays asleep and how he does overnight. I'm remaining hopeful, though trying not to assume anything.

PS- When I showed Zach these pictures his first reaction was "DUDE! He's throwing gang signs! [The first pic] could be the cover art for a baby rap album!"


  1. I totally feel for you - we were given an outfit that buttons up the back. A one piece. Up. The. Back. Who thought that was a good idea for a newborn? He wore it once for a picture and that was it!

    By the way, I am a huge dinosaur fan, so I love Donovan's pajamas!

  2. The print is really cute on the PJ's but I toitally agree with you about clothes that are hgard to put on. He is giving a gang shout out. Is it West or East side? I hope now that youre house is calmer you get into more of a routine.

  3. Marcy, I think you two is a great team
    he is doing well for his age
    Audrey was sleeping well to the night early on - 6-7 hrs stretch but only if she sleep on me or next to me if not forget it.
    but recently (~2 months ago) she started waking up again more and more every night
    usually she will be able to sleep from 8.30pm till 4am and then she is up want to play then go back to sleep at 6am
    but now since she is teething she will wake up up to 5 times a night! but luckily she will go back to sleep after either nurse her or rock her.
    Yep she is 8 months old and no I have to help her fall asleep :)
    You are doing great!!! all kids are different the book is a wonderful guide - we try our best :)

  4. my goodness, is D getting cuter or what? his little expressions (and gang signs!) are adorable!



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