Saturday, April 19, 2008

Question for International Mommies:

The Backstory: When I first started hearing about the BPA baby bottle controversy, I figured I'd rather just steer clear and so bought some Evenflo glass bottles from for D, figuring we wouldn't be bottle feeding that often, anyway. I actually haven't even used them much since I scored a bunch of plastic bottles from the hospital (started hoarding them after a nurse suggested I take them home, as they're perfectly fine to reuse but the hops just throws them away). These bottles are the frosted plastic kind, so I'm fairly certain they're BPA-free.

However, as D has started getting more finicky with his bottle-taking, I'm wondering if I should try some different brands with him and see if he likes those better. As more and more info on the dangers of BPA comes out in the media (read these two recent blog posts on the Baby Bargains blog), I'm more certain of wanting to avoid the stuff. Problem is, every time I look at baby bottles in stores here all I see is hard clear plastic ones (the tell-tale sign usually of BPA). I think I once saw Medela bottles sold at a pharmacy, but that's it (and only 4oz sized ones).

The Question: I know Europe is ahead of the US in many areas of health and safety, are there particular local brands (Swiss? French?) I can look for that are BPA-free? Has this issue even been talked much over here? Or is it old news already? Or do I need to buy bottles online and have them sent over?

EDIT: Hmm, it seems Europe is taking the position that BPA isn't anything to worry about. Which I guess means I'll have trouble finding bottles without it here. Boo.


  1. You can definitely get Born Free from the UK, which is what we use. It is a pain and they are not cheap but to me it is worth it!

  2. Jackie6:26 PM

    When my girls were babies they had the disposable plastic bag inserts for bottles. Don't they make that kind now?

  3. I got Born Free ( both when I lived in London and here in the States as well. They are great!

    PS: Congrats on the napping!

  4. Anonymous8:29 AM

    Writing from Canada...our government is banning BPA. Here is the article from the New York Times, which gives you all the details - take a look at the last paragraph:



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