Sunday, April 27, 2008

Home Improvements

Today Zach and I finally started the process of re-arranging furniture so we can get D's room together. We didn't bother doing this before he was born b/c originally we were planning to convert the guestroom into his nursery, and we wanted to keep the guestroom as it was for my mom who would be spending all of February with us. Besides, we'd planned to have him sleep in his moses basket in our room for the first few months anyway.

Well, now he's approaching the 3 month mark ,is one good growth spurt away from outgrowing his basket, and we don't have visitors planned to come through for a while, so, it's time. Unfortunately we recently found mold on the wall, behind the curtains, in the guestroom so I think we'll be converting that into the new office/extra room, and turning the old office/extra room into his nursery (we managed to get most of the mold off, but still.. ya know). Which works well, it's a gorgeous room and I love spending time in it, but it is bigger and moving most of the furniture from there into the old guestroom makes for a cramped space sooo.... we made the executive decision today to also take apart and remove the guest bed. The frame was a crappy Ikea one (their cheapest model) so we have no qualms about getting rid of it. The mattress is now tucked under our bed, ready to be pulled out for when we do get visitors through.

I think I'll be really happy with the changes, actually, once they're all in place. I really like how the new office looks without the bed in it, so much more spacious and I think it'll be a fun room to have (and we'll use it much more now). So far we moved the bookshelves and the TV,etc, into the new office. Maybe later today we'll also move the changing table over to his new room, and Zach's desk into the new office. Then we'll just need to get a childproof gate to cover the doorway of his room, and we can start experimenting with putting D to sleep in his room in the basket on the floor bed, then transition to just sleeping on his mattress.

I'm amazed at the progress me made this morning, I wasn't sure how much we'd really get done with D around, but he took a couple decent naps this morning and during the time he was awake Zach was able to get a lot of one-person jobs done. Unfortunately, D has had a bit of a rough morning... after a nice feeding and cuddle in bed with us upon waking, we tried giving him a bath and, well, he cried before the bath, looked worried throughout (see bottom pics in previous post for examples), and cried the whole time afterwards, even after I'd finished with the HORRIBLE BABY TORTURE (aka putting his clothes back on). Zach took over and was able to get him to sleep, which seemed to solve the problem for a while. Then a little bit ago we tried giving him a bottle again, which made him cry, then smile at us as he gummed the bottle nipple, he drank about an ounce, then started getting upset again. He's now bouncing happily on dad's lap, not sure how long that'll last. I think next I'll try feeding him from the tap and see if he likes that better, as I'm sure he's gotta still be hungry. He took a bottle great the last time I gave him one, but that was Wednesday and perhaps waiting till today to try again was a mistake?

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