Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Wish Us Luck (...we may need it)

Thursday is a holiday here, and since Zach gets the day off from work he's going to "faire le pont" and take advantage of a long weekend to go on our FIRST FAMILY TRIP! We're driving to Provence, should be about a 3 hour drive or so, and staying for 2 nights. I have no idea how this is gonna go, but I'm crossing my fingers that it goes decently well. This is sort of our "test" to see how D travels, and whether we want to plan other trips this summer (Zach's been itching to go to the south of France). I'm curious as to how long the drive will take us, I know we'll have to stop at least once for feeding and diaper changes, but hopefully it won't be too bad. Also, hopefully D will do ok in the car... His first 2 months the car was like magic, he fell asleep any time it was moving, but lately the magic seems to have worn off. The other day we all went to Interio to check out what they have (looking for some more rugs, nursery furniture) and he screamed most of the way there and back. Which I think may have been partially from being too hot in the back seat, so we'll have to beware of that. Anyway, we're leaving Thursday morning (or such is the plan). =)

If anyone has tips for traveling with a 3 month old I'd LOVE to hear them.

BTW, his 3-month "birthday" is on saturday! =)

In other news, which hopefully don't bode too badly for this weekend's trip, D was needing LOTS of time at the boob yesterday. Today was better, but he spent at least 2 nursing sessions suckling/snacking and sleeping on me, for about an hour each time, and if I tried to move him he'd scream. Then all of a sudden at some point in time he'd decide he was satisfied and he'd open his eyes, look at me, and GRIN. Today went better, though he still woke up from one 30-min nap crying, then he ate and fell asleep and slept on me for an hour. I know I should at least try to go put him down when he does this, but some of the times when I try this it really doesn't work and so I just let him. I'm actually not terribly concerned about forming bad sleep habits since at other times (like this morning's first nap) he doesn't need any help at all to go to sleep. I am hoping that in the next month his sleeping schedule will regulate itself a bit and be more predictable, and we can start working more aggressively with having him go to sleep on his own more reliably. I just ordered the Ferber and Weissbluth books from amazon, they should get here in a couple weeks (hopefully) so we'll see what I think about what they have to say.

BTW I have to send a shout-out to my friend Debbie whose little one should have arrived this morning!! I'm dying to find out if they have a little fille or a garcon. =P


  1. the south of france is so beautiful! have a great time!

  2. Sounds like the normal 3-month growth spurt.

  3. Have a wonderful time! The rest stops on the auto route in france are very well equipped so you should find that helpful. Avignon is a very compact managable town and if you have time pop over to Aix or Arles which are both lovely and quick to get to on the autoroute. Have fun!!!



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