Monday, December 31, 2007

The Ever-Growing Book Arsenal

Goodness, I not only missed out on blogging yesterday but I also completely did not register that it was Sunday, and so no six word sunday. =( Sorry about that.

Zach went snowshoeing yesterday, to get some sun and exercise. He found a place that's fairly close and had pretty inexpensive rentals of snowshoes, and now he's trying to figure out a day when he and Jen can go back so he can do it again. I spent the day here at home, cleaning up a bit and doing more baby reading. Daddy and Jen got me 2 books that I'm really looking forward to getting through-- the one I'm reading now is Baby 411 (by the same authors as Baby Bargains). It has lots of good advice and info for dealing with all sorts of practical aspects of caring for an infant for the first year, and I agree with a lot of their advice and philosophies (though I guess the final verdict will come when I'm trying to put them into practice). Once I finish it I'll move on to What's Going On In There? which sounds incredibly interesting, all about baby's brain development in the first 5 years of life.

Zach and I then went into town for the evening to pick up Jen and Daddy from the train station on their way back from Zurich. We had dinner at a thai restaurant in the Paquis which was... ok. Then we came home and had an early night of it pretty much. Today I think we might drive up to Gruyeres, and we'll see what we do tonight for New Year's Eve. Is it bad that I'm not sure I want to stay up till midnight doing anything big or extravagant?


  1. Don't feel bad about it, I always end up falling asleep before midnight =)

  2. We're not doing anything extravagant either. We'll probably stay up until or past midnight, but that's because we're night owls and usually do that anyway.



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