Saturday, December 15, 2007

As the Eagles said....

After I must have over-exerted myself this morning by folding away laundry and then changing the sheets on our bed, I came downstairs to make Zach some eggs for breakfast before his flight out and I started feeling a bit faint and like my heart was racing. I checked my pulse and realized it was up at around 120bpm... yikes. After a little while it slowed down a bit, and then I went and laid down in bed and felt better. I've had that feeling of heart-racing and feeling a bit lightheaded more over the past week or so, I guess I'm really gonna have to take it easy in these last couple months of pregnancy. Rapid heart rate and dizziness are fairly standard pregnancy symptoms, but still... don't wanna push it.

So Zach left for China today at noon, to return in 1 week. =( But I can also look forward to Jen and Daddy's arrival on Friday. Though I'm wondering if the ambitious plans for taking them all over Geneva and on day trips to nearby cute towns may need to be slowed down and adjusted a bit. I guess we'll take things as they go and see.

I spent most of the afternoon making the fortune cookies for tonight's dinner. They turned out... alright. They seem to taste good enough, which is good b/c most of them look pretty funky. I am still pretty proud of having attempted them to begin with.

And now I think I'll go upstairs and rest a bit before having to get ready for the party.

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