Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Lyon Anniversary Weekend, pt3

(Part 1 and part 2)

After the madness of Saturday night, we knew we'd have to take it easy on Sunday. And by "we" I mean me, the nearly-7-months-pregnant lady. Zach was very cute all weekend, though, looking out for me and getting all worried about if I was tired. =)

Anyway, so yeah Sunday we figured we'd go back into town to see some sights during the day, then have a chill night back at the hotel. We didn't have much of a plan for our daytime excursion, so we wound up kinda wandering around aimlessly for a while. We walked down by one of the rivers, and then made our way out to the Christmas market that Cathy had told us about the day before. The market was pretty big and looked like it had some neat things for sale, but there were still so many people milling around that after about 15 minutes of navigating the crowds we'd had enough and headed out. We stopped at a tea room for some hot chocolate and a sweet snack before making it back to the hotel.

We'd decided to have an elegant dinner at the hotel's restaurant that night. When Zach had called Friday evening they had been completely full, so instead of taking any chances we stopped by in the morning and made reservations. Turns out none were really needed. We got all gussied up and stopped by the exec lounge for an aperitif first (well, for Zach anyway) and then went down to the restaurant at 8:30pm... and there was maybe 1 other couple there. The food was good, though pretty darn expensive, but still it was nice to get dressed up and have a nice meal together.


We had planned to drive back in the early afternoon on Monday, so we had a bit of time in the morning before needing to leave. We packed up and checked out of the hotel, then went over to the park across the street again, since we'd seen earlier on a map that they had a "zoological garden." It was drizzling out, but nothing too bad and luckily the rain stopped by the time we got to the animals so we were able to pull out the camera for some pictures. The zoo was pretty impressive, and it was completely free and open to the public. They had lions and a tiger and cheetahs, monkeys, zebras, and even these things that looked a lot like longhorns. It was fun to walk around and see the animals, especially since the cats were all awake and moving around (which almost never happens on zoo trips!) and well, I love zoos. =) But it was also a long walk and by the time we got in the car for the drive back home I was pretty exhausted, and slept a good bit of the way.


And then we were home, and Zach had a few hours to kill before needing to head into town for his French class so we got to hang out at home a bit together, and I uploaded the pictures and baked some pumpkin bread for Tuesday and, well, that was pretty much our day.

Pictures from Sunday and Monday.

I think we're gonna need to go back to Lyon another time, on a not-insanely-busy weekend, to get to experience it a bit better and take advantage of the famous restaurants and food. But we had a great time overall, and enjoyed walking around the city. Maybe we'll be able to take Jen and Daddy there for a day or 2 when they visit in a few weeks....

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  1. We are hoping to move to Lyons one of these days. Neither one of us are attached to being in Paris (except for the grandparents and Tibo's music work) and Lyons is not very far with the TGV. It is a great city and much closer to the mountains. (I used to be a backpacking guide in my former life before France/marriage/baby.

    You look so great! I loved being pregnant except for the whole being exhausted during the first trimester and the feeling like I just couldn't move at the same pace during the third. It was all worth it though and I would do it again in a second.



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