Tuesday, December 18, 2007

yum dim sum! and some baby stuff

I met up with the girls for dim sum today, one last lunch before most of them go back to the US over the next few days for Christmas. I'll miss our lunches, but I also know that as soon as Daddy and Jen get here I'll be busy and distracted and before I know it everyone will be back in town anyway.

I had an appointment to meet with a potential pediatrician this afternoon, which meant I had to catch the 3:30pm bus at the latests in order to have time to come home and not have to rush right back out the door immediately to make the appointment. Funny how a 12:30pm lunch can make me nervous about catching a 3:30pm tram. I must be becoming more European. ; ) In the end I actually caught the 3pm bus, so had an hour to chill out at home before heading back out into the cold and traffic. I had a bit of a hard time finding the office at first, but then I made it and the guy seems very nice and was enthusiastic about our little baby-to-be, so I think we'll stick with him. I wish Zach could've come along today to give his input as well, but what can you do. Again, our friend has been using this pediatrician for her 4 yr old for the past year and has loved him, which really helps make this decision easy. One more thing checked off the list!

I think I'll try to avoid staying on the computer all night again tonight, and instead do some reading. I have so many half-read books that I need to finish, especially pregnancy and baby books.

By the way, I will be technically considered "full-term" in about 5 weeks. Which means little Loki could potentially be here as early as 5 weeks from now... or as much as 10 weeks (if I got "past due"). I'm trying to expect for it to be later rather than sooner, since otherwise I might drive myself crazy in those last weeks if I end up having to wait. Which may happen anyway.... so who knows.


  1. I won't say anything about thinking it is going to happen later (I went to 41 weeks and 2 days) except that you are very smart to expect to be later. :) You're right that you're going to be going crazy anyway too. So cool and so fun!

  2. llkirstiebean2:33 PM

    Hey! Loki is such a cute name. I had a friend name her son Miklo (forget the spelling), which is also cute.

    My current email is kirstenemack@hotmail.com



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