Tuesday, December 04, 2007

A night out, a day of errands, and some fun news

The pregnancy fatigue is upon me once again.

In spite of this, last night I took the tram into town to meet up with Zach after his French class. Jonathan (Jessica's swiss fiance) and one of Zach's coworkers and his wife also joined us, at a wine bar overlooking the lake. As it was a Monday night, the place was deserted-- as in we were the sole customers. But it was fun, sitting and chatting for a few hours. We may try to do something similar again next Wednesday, with a bit more advance notice so perhaps some other people can join us, too.

Unfortunately this morning was to be an early one for me, so going to bed at midnight might not have been the best idea... but whatevs. I went into town for an OB appointment (my last with this particular doctor), a Baby Talk meet-up, and to run some errands that needed running. I got back home at about 4pm, exhausted, and plunked myself down in front of the computer to watch last night's episode of The Hills and read blogs. Then, in about a half-hour we'll go meet Claudia, a woman in our village, for dinner and a bit of French practice.

A couple of celebratory notes for today: 1) It is my mother's birthday so I will be calling her later tonight to wish her a fabulous one, and 2) This morning some friends announced their baby news on their blog! =) Which is way exciting. It's fun knowing that we'll have babies close in age, especially if Zach and I end up moving back to California and so live close by them again. I can just see the 2 of them growing up together, and conspiring to blow up soda bottles and who knows what else. ; )

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  1. Yay exploding soda bottles! :) That's cool that you will have a friend to share experiences with - makes such a difference when you have people in your life in similar 'life places'

    Good point on the car expense - I definitely am glad I don't have to mess with owning a car here. It's just easy to wish for one when you're cold and grumpy :)



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