Friday, December 14, 2007


So the finger seems to be doing much better-- it's stopped hurting or throbbing, and I think after a few days of consistently wearing a band-aid and applying generic neosporin to it it'll be mostly healed-- I'm always amazed at what a difference using ointment seems to make in how quickly a wound heals.

I lazed/read/slept most of the day away today. I think I needed it. I did make it out to the store to stock up on food for the weekend, and get some eggs so I can attempt to make fortune cookies for Sophia's Asian-themed pot-luck dinner tomorrow night. I'm really curious to see how it goes... the recipe seems simple enough, so we'll see. Funnily enough it comes from a Chilean cookbook that was given to us by a very good friend of my mom's that we visited while in Chile earlier this year, and it just happens to have a handful of recipes from around the world included as well as traditional Chilean stuff. I'm ashamed to say this is the first time using a recipe from that book... I think I'll try to dip into it some more in the coming months.

Zach came home early from work today so we could go to this tire place nearby and buy some winter tires for the car. Apparently if you get in an accident here during the winter months and you don't have winter tires on they can fault you for the accident b/c of that. It was a fairly smooth and quick transaction, and also amusing since this place really felt about the same as going to any tire shop back in the states. I guess some experiences are cross-cultural. So now we have 4 new tires on the car that should last us through the winter and keep us safe(r) for when there might be snow or ice on the road.

After the tire shopping we came back home and made a very yummy dinner with chicken, carrots, baked sweet potatoes, and steamed courgettes (zuchini, but for some reason I've gotten into the habit of always calling them by their French name now). Zach and I have both recently re-discovered a love of sweet potatoes, and tonight we were reminded of how ridiculously easy they are to make when you bake them in the oven. As a random side note, while Swiss beef often turns out tough and dry no matter how you cook it, the chicken is almost always excellent.


  1. Swiss Beef = old, retired milk cow that spent it's life walking up and down mountains.

    Yeah, it's a little tough.

    For good beef, find Italian, French or good, ole USDA.

  2. CDNSarah12:29 AM

    The Swiss poh-lease can fine you while doing a random vehicle check for not having proper winter tires. Oh and make sure your windowns are defrosted cuz they'll ding you for that too.



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