Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Busy day... but we have a tree!

Goodness, another full day. This morning was the "baby talk" group Christmas party. I made some pumpkin bread last night to take with me, and there were plenty of other goodies there to indulge in including some great chai latte someone brought. As always, though (and as is probably to be expected when you bring together a group of mothers with children aged 3 months-2 yrs) it was fairly chaotic. I went from there to a Korean lunch with the girls, and then did some shopping-- I stopped by H&M and bought 3 new maternity tops, as many of the ones I bought back in August, which I then thought were plenty long, I now seem to be starting to outgrow. I also picked up a prep book for Zach so he can take a test to prove that he can speak (some) French.

I got home around 5:30pm, had just under an hour to rest a bit before Zach got home, and then we were off to Bob and Aruna's for dinner, though not before stopping to buy a Christmas tree first! Zach leaves for China on Saturday (yes, the trip is on now) and with the rest of the week already booked up, we wanted to get this taken care of before it got to be too late. So we bought a very cute little 3-4ft tree (in record time, too-- we basically picked the first one they showed us that was about the right size and shape, it took maybe 5 minutes), and now we have it at home and decorated and looking very pretty. =) Sierra has seemed somewhat curious about it, but hasn't dared to do much with it yet-- it probably helps that we have it up on a small table, so it's not as easily accessible to her (I know, we're mean aren't we? =P).

I have pictures of the tree, along with a last post about Lyon that I need to write, but I think those things will have to wait till tomorrow as it is now very much bedtime. Good night. =)

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