Friday, December 21, 2007


Jen and Daddy are here. =)

I was a bit worried that their flight would get delayed in Chicago, what with it being Chicago and all and especially with all the storms that have been ravaging the east coast. But nope, everything went fabulously there, instead they got delayed by an hour and a half in Brussels! But, they got here, and that's fabulous. =) Jen brought me a CRAPLOAD of gossip fodder that will last me a good couple of weeks to delve through, along with several others things I sent to her, and other presents that they brought of their own accord that are now making our Christmas tree look much more festive as they sit underneath it.

Now we'll just have to pick up Zach from the airport tomorrow night, and our house will be all full and happy. =)

And Jenny just walked in and gave me a tin and instructed me to open it, and inside are MOM'S CHRISTMAS COOKIES!!!

christmas cookies!!

I am happy. =)

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  1. Anonymous10:17 AM

    I have your and Loki's presents, but Zach's requires some assemblage so it will not be available until after Christmastime. Because I'm cheap and the post office scares me right now, the shipment of these items will wait until they have all been assembled and such.

    But then again, since I am cheap, I might just send the items with Mom, when she goes. Which means you'll have to wait even longer.

    Think of it as "prolonging the magic of Christmas." (That sounds much better than "my sister is disorganized and cheap.")



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